Casino-themed Parties – Making Fun Memories

Do you remember the pre-internet era, when board games and popcorn were some of the limited ways of having fun with the family? Before we had smartphones and permanent and unlimited access to the internet, we all used to lean on the classic entertainment options, including charade or scrabble and Uno. And we were happy about it. Even today, there are plenty of families who continue to enjoy the classic games. Bad Medicine or Cards Against Humanity are other titles you too may be familiar with. And you probably have friends who still like to plan game nights and have everyone indulge in the board and card games.

And why wouldn’t they? These games are excellent means of socializing, a lot more efficient than playing console and games on a laptop or smartphone. Not to mention the type of memories these games allow you to create. Sure smashing a video console button or tapping the “spin” button on your favorite game of slots online is also thrilling. But it’s just not the same when you are surrounded by friends and loved ones, sharing laughter and making memories.

Throw A Casino-Themed Party

Speaking of memories, you can also create similar ones by organizing a family casino night, or even throwing a casino-themed party. Set up a colorful casino photo-booth and make the best memories ever. Everyone is prone to have a wonderful time, unwind, and take the craziest photos ever.

Even if some of your guests have never played the casino before, or they are not exactly gambling enthusiasts will most certainly have a blast. And they will do their best to win games and gather chips for the sun of it. Not to mention the excitement of people who like playing Aristocrat casinos online or inside brick-and-mortar venues, who will definitely fancy changing the scenery.

Hosting a casino-based family night or party is not rocket science, but it does involve a little planning. If you truly want to surprise everyone, you could also seriously consider setting up a photo-booth. Take a look at the Wii booth and find out how to simplify things. The app helps you connect your camera and printer using a wifi connection, making the idea of setting up your own photo-booth inside your home a dream come true for lots of people. Take a look at the information you can find on our website or get in touch with us and let us introduce you to this excellent concept that will spice up any party.

Recruit Your Players

Focus on sending out invitations to people you already know are big casino fans, and see who else would be interested in joining you. It can be anything from a cozy and intimate family casino night to a real neighborhood party with lots of guests, music, and food.

Decide whether your young children should be attending your party or not, given the theme. If your kids are at least 12 years old of age, it is probably safe to allow them to play poker or 21 for fun. They can learn a lot of things from this experience, including proper money management strategies and risk assessment. They can be taught how to be responsible gamblers from a young age, and other valuable life lessons that will serve them later on in life.

However, if you feel that you will be actually pushing your kids towards the world of casino gambling, and this is not something you are entirely OK with, you might have second doubts about letting your children join you.

Organizing a poker night should help you handle this dilemma; poker is a versatile game that is well-suited for both experienced players and novice gamblers. You could also plan your party around a big holiday and only have adult guests over. The children can play board games and do other fun activities on the side.

Put The Casino Theme Into Practice

Turn your party into a memorable event by theming it using all the decorations you can think of. Anything that reminds you of Vegas, casinos, and gambling, in general, should be used. Get the right decorations online, including oversized dices, card-themed plates, and cups, cherry decorations, finger foods that remind you of the foods served by casinos. Serve colorful cocktails with small umbrellas, and get gold letter balloons that spell Las Vegas.

Make sure your photo-booth includes casino-based decorations so your guests can create fun memories. Use our app and simplify the process, and focus on the best games to include in your party.