How to Connect your Nikon using Built-In WiFi

This article will help you get WiFi Booth connected to your Nikon DSLR using its native wifi.

There is a caveat with Nikon wifi: since at the time of writing (updated August 2016) Nikon cameras do not support infrastructure mode (ie. the camera connecting to a router), which means you have to connect the iPad to the camera (e.g. D5300) or adapter (e.g. WU-1a/b). This means you cannot use Twitter or Dropbox integration (because there’s no internet access through the camera), and you must use BluePrint with a second iOS device to print (because Nikon doesn’t allow devices to communicate to each other via the camera). I really hope Nikon will fix this in a future version of their cameras. For more information about how to print with a second iOS device using BluePrint, please see this article.

How to Connect to your Nikon Camera

  1. Connect the iPad wifi to the Nikon camera, exactly the same way you would if you were transferring photos to the official Nikon iOS app.
  2. Start the WiFi Booth app in “Built-In Wifi” mode.
  3. After some moments the camera should connect to WiFi Booth. If your camera has additional steps to go through to when you connect the official iOS Nikon app, then perform these same steps on your camera.
  4. Configure your camera to save JPG (either only JPG, or JPG+RAW; the app will not download RAW files), and make sure the resolution is not too high. Remember, printing resolution is only 1800×1200 pixels in most cases, so more is overkill and just makes your iPad drain its battery faster. If photos arriving on the iPad are huge, you’ll get a warning.
  5. Photos you take will automatically appear in the app. You can trigger the camera manually (ie. with a radio trigger), or use the iPad to trigger the camera, or use the iPhone/Watch app to trigger the camera.