How to Connect your Nikon using Built-In WiFi

This article will help you get wifibooth on your iPhone connected to your Nikon DSLR using its built-in wifi. The steps here are should be the same as if you were connecting with the official Nikon iOS app.

  1. On your camera menu, navigate to the menu with wifi and turn on the wifi connection
  2. Connect the iPhone wifi to the Nikon camera, by going to the Settings App on your iPhone.
  3. On your iPhone, start wifibooth and choose to connect to your camera on the first screen.
  4. After some moments wifibooth will automatically connect to your camera. If your camera has additional steps to go through to when you connect the official iOS Nikon app, then perform these same steps now on your camera.
  5. Configure your camera to save JPG (either only JPG, or JPG+RAW; the app will not download RAW files), and make sure the resolution is not too high. If photos arriving on the iPhone are huge, you’ll get a warning.