Need Help Setting Up A Wedding Photobooth?

If you are getting ready to plan a wedding or a party and you wish you have a photobooth as one of the main centerpieces, you’ve reached the right page. Photobooths are excellent ways of allowing your guests to stay entertained and engaged into an interesting activity while walking in the door. It is also an good way of getting them rid of the social anxiety and have them warmed up and ready to party. DIY photobooths are projects that will allow you to use your own skills, creativity, and imagination and stay withing a smaller budget. Needless to say, you can also rely on professional photobooth services. But, if you wish to follow the trends, and you own a DSLR or a good smartphone and a tripod, you could give it a try yourself. You don’t have to be computer savvy, nor a geek to figure out how to set up your own photobooth. You just need a well-lit location and the patience to figure it all out. No fancy – and usually expensive – gear and lighting equipment. No need to hire any computer experts to help you figure out everything. Of course, there is a small catch.

Can You Use A DSRL Camera?

If you have never owned or used a DSLR camera or made use of any special lighting equipment before, and you are not very willing to learn how to do it either, you may already have a problem. Also, imagine leaving the same expensive gear into the trembling and clumsy hands of alcohol-intoxicated guests at your party. If anything breaks, the repairs you will need to cover will most likely not be worth the trouble. The same goes for renting equipment for a photobooth, and see it get damaged. The costs could be getting close to the price of a professional photobooth.

On the other hand if you are ready to take the change, you could save some nice money and get that feeling of having done something awesome all by yourself. And, of course, technology is here to throw you just the hand you need. With so many excellent apps and software like the one we recommend to you, you have no reason not to take advantage of all the opportunities.

How To Set Up A FoolProof DIY Photo Booth

Start by making a simple, non-complicated backdrop. Paint a wall in a blank solid-color. It could be anything from white to baby blue, pink, or whatever else comes to your mind. You could also opt for a pattern on your wall. Maybe you want balloons, flowers, or unicorns, if you are hosting a kids’ party. You can take a look at a few pre-designed photo backdrops online or buy custom fabric; do not forget about the tinsel curtains you should have no problem finding at any party store. They can also be bought off the internet. Layer the in such a way so that the backdrop has at least two curtains. Be creative; let your imagination loose. Think in terms of chocolate walls and giant stars and a moon or the sun and clouds. Whatever suits your party theme better.

Use gaffer tape to affix the backdrop to a wall, or buy a backdrop stand instead.

Focus On The Light

The secret to any good DIY photobooth project is the light – the more, the merrier. Avoid having to rely on the flash on your camera. Instead, see that you set up the photobooth in a well-lit area. If you will be hosting the party during the day, you should have no problem getting all the light you need. If it’s a nighttime party, make sure to arm yourself with plenty of lamps.

Keep in mind there is no rule limiting your choices to simple, white light you could opt for nay colored light you fancy, just remember you need to maintain the area as well-lit as possible. Studio lights are, of course, another excellent solution. But they might make you go over your budget. You gave lots of cheaper alternatives at hand, so don’t get too caught up in the expensive lights’ game.

Opt for props that will help your guests take the craziest photos ever and keep in mind masks and animal masks in particular are still a big party hit for guests of all ages.

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