Twitter + WiFi Booth

WiFi Booth can automatically download your event’s hashtagged photos, directly from Twitter. It can also automatically tweet collages. These two options are independently configured in the Event Details screen.

How it Works

Your iPad will need internet connectivity (3G, wifi, whatever). Once configured, the app will connect and stay connected to Twitter. It will automatically reconnect as quickly as possible, should your internet connection drop for a moment.

How to turn Twitter on or off

Twitter is configured on the Event. Event management is always shown when you first start the app; you can also open it by going to the Settings screen and touching “Choose an Event”. The text underneath the Tweet text is what will actually be tweeted out — it will also let you know if you exceed the 140 character limit.

Configuring Twitter on the Event Details screen
Configuring Twitter

Log in using your Twitter account

Once you select the event (hit Done in Event management), you’ll be prompted to log into Twitter if you did not already do so. You can log in with any Twitter account. To turn off Twitter or change the hashtag that is being used, go back to Event management.

Downloading Photos from a Twitter #hashtag

On the Event Details screen, turn on the Download photos from Twitter switch, and enter a hashtag. You don’t need to include the #. Note that in addition to searching for #yourHashTag, the app will also find tweets that contain the hashtag as a word — to find out precisely what is matched, please see this article (specifically the “track” part).

As new photos arrive at your specified #hashtag, they will automatically be downloaded (at full resolution) and automatically appear in the strip of photos at the top. There’s a switch at the top that lets you choose what the strip shows: by default it shows photos from the camera, and by changing the switch you choose to show photos from Twitter instead. This prevents the photos from being mixed together, which makes finding them harder.

Once Twitter is enabled, there is a status icon at the top-left that shows you whether the app is connected to Twitter. You can touch this icon to learn more details. Note that this icon does not show in upload-only configurations, ie. if you are tweeting photos (uploading), but not monitoring a hashtag (downloading).

The green Twitter icon shows that Twitter is connected. The red badge shows that there are 9 new (unseen) Twitter photos.
Twitter status icon

An Elephant Never Forgets — neither does WiFi Booth!

Once a photo is downloaded from Twitter, it is “remembered” inside of that event, even if you have to restart the app. “Remembered” photos are not downloaded a second time. This makes sure that you don’t end up with lots of copies of the same photo if they are retweeted lots of times, or if you need to restart the app/iPad or lose your connectivity. If you want to reset this, ie. make the iPad forget the photos it downloaded for this Event, then go to the Settings screen, touch “Choose an Event”, touch the folder icon at the top-right of the screen, and touch “Reset Twitter Downloads”.

Photos that are tweeted out by WiFi Booth are not downloaded; ie. if WiFi Booth tweets out photos to the same hashtag that WiFi Booth is monitoring (downloading from), then it will not download these photos. This is done by not downloading any photos from the same Twitter account that the WiFi Booth is logged into. So if you want to tweet photos to the WiFi Booth, make sure you use a different Twitter account when you tweet (ie. not the one WiFi Booth is logged in with).