More sync options (dropbox, google drive)

A slideshow app for Google Photos and your Camera Roll
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More sync options (dropbox, google drive)

Postby magicyoda » Sun May 03, 2020 7:03 am

Hello, I've just bought your app to make something out of an old iPad, thank you very much for it, it's great!

I used to work with but I wanted to support Soloslide as it seems more in active development.
What I miss right now, is the possibility to also get pictures from Dropbox or Google Drive folders.

I personally don't use Google Photos and now that I do, I really miss simple ways to have Nested Folders/Album to keep images organisation as I have it on my NAS. With Google Drive or Dropbox, I could more easily keep this hierarchical folder org of all my pictures on my computer or NAS and sync automatically a part of it to Soloslide using the desktop fat client. Then It would also allow other involved users to work on those shared folder easily.

Thank you very much, keep evolving this product ;-)

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Re: More sync options (dropbox, google drive)

Postby tim » Sun May 03, 2020 8:28 am

Thanks for the feedback!
We built this app specifically for Google Photos, as many other apps exist to play photos from Dropbox...but very few exist to play from Google Photos (where storage is unlimited).
As for Google Drive i'm not sure why someone would use this, because storing photos there would use up your storage space, whereas Google Photos you have the option for unlimited space.
One thing you can do with Google Photos is create albums, then pick the album you want to play in SoloSlides.
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