Adding photos to SoloSlides - Album list

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Adding photos to SoloSlides - Album list

Postby dstuckmann » Tue Jul 04, 2023 11:51 am

I'm using a iPhone 14 Pro Max with iOS 16.5.1 installed and just using photos off my iCloud camera roll.

The only way that I've found to add photos to an existing slide show is to kill the app and restart it and then answer click "Select More Photos...". Is this the normal way to do it? I would have though that settings/filter screen would have a button for that but maybe I missed it. Not a big deal. It just seemed odd. I could only add/select photos from "All Photos" as well, which brings me to the second issue.

If I select "Album", the list of albums are none of the album names that I created. Some names that are listed are typical types of photos; bursts, panoramas, RAW, etc. but there are also some listed which are people's names for some reason. As if its pulling a few names (not all) from the People face recognition function of Apple photos. In any case, no matter what album I chose from the list it fails and goes to "UH OH, COULD NOT LOAD". Selecting the photos within the selected album in "All Photos" works fine. However, to do that you need to kill the app again as noted above. And if you want to add photos from other albums, you need to kill it each time. Again, maybe its me.

The app works great once I add the photos/albums I want. It just seems clumsy to get there. And maybe this is only an issue with Camera roll. I do not have any Google photos so I can't comment on that.

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Re: Adding photos to SoloSlides - Album list

Postby tim » Tue Jul 04, 2023 3:10 pm

Hi there,
It sounds like you didn't allow the app access to all photos, just some that you selected. That's fine, but that functionality was introduced in iOS after this app was written, so this app doesn't play so well with this functionality (as you've discovered).
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