Connection issue with Sony Nex-5R

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Connection issue with Sony Nex-5R

Postby Teddy » Tue Oct 30, 2018 10:43 am

Hello. I'm hoping someone could help me resolve an issue with using my Sony Nex5r in wifibooth. For starters I'm using an iPad Air 2 to communicate with the camera and an iPhone tethered for use of internet and Canon selphy printer. The iPad and iPhone are both up to date as well are the apps. The Camera firmware is also up to date along with the the app used to connect to the iPad. Here's the issue:

Wifibooth on the iPad is slow to connect to the camera. When it does connect it is extremely slow to display on the iPad as well as slow to display the photo after its taken. Usually it lags out and won't proceed to take a second photo. A lot of times is just disconnects from the camera even though the camera is still in "connect" mode and connected to the wifi of the iPad. I purchased the Pro version of wifibooth in hopes to use this app for a family function however it's become very frustrating trying to get it to work properly and this is my last resort before giving up.

Any advice?

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Re: Connection issue with Sony Nex-5R

Postby tim » Tue Oct 30, 2018 10:49 am

Im sorry to hear it is not working for you. There are some things we can try, but, first: do you have a newer iOS device you can test with to see if your ipad is the problem? For example do you have an iphone you can try with? It would be great to know if the other device is a lot faster.

If you don’t then the next step you could try is to go to settings app -> wifibooth -> old cam libs (turn it on), kill wifibooth and launch it again. That *might* help. You will lose some functionality but let’s see how it works for you
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