EyeFi support will be removed from Wifibooth

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EyeFi support will be removed from Wifibooth

Postby tim » Tue Dec 04, 2018 11:52 am

Effective immediately, EyeFi support in Wifibooth is deprecated.
This means that with any update, EyeFi support could be removed permanently.
In reality, i'll leave it in the app while it is still working, but there is a high likelihood of an upcoming Apple update breaking EyeFi support in Wifibooth, in which case it will be removed.

The reason for this deprecation is that EyeFi has been killed off by its owners. A short recap:
- Ricoh bought EyeFi in 2016
- Keenai launched, replacing EyeFi
- Ricoh terminated Keenai on November 30, 2018 -- there is currently a notice on keenai.com about this.

In short, all support for EyeFi is now completely discontinued.
There's no way that Wifibooth can continue to support EyeFi cards because there is no way to activate cards, and the continued investment it would take to keep the EyeFi code up to date is not worth the investment when no new users can use it.
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Re: EyeFi support will be removed from Wifibooth

Postby aluminumwelder » Tue Dec 04, 2018 5:47 pm

good riddance, the cards were always so unreliable and slow.

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