Where to buy eye fi cards Australia

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Where to buy eye fi cards Australia

Postby azuremysterious » Thu Feb 08, 2018 6:04 pm

Hello. I have a canon 550D that I'd like to use with a wifi-booth setup. It has no wifi capability. I am trying to find a place to buy the correct eye-fi card, however they seem largely unavailable/discontinued, or are listed for a ridiculous amount ($1000 seems a bit much: https://www.ebay.com/p/Eye-Fi-Pro-X2-16 ... 1956427835)

My questions are; where can I buy one of these cards online for delivery to Australia?
Does it have to be the "eye-fi" brand? I have seen other similar wifi cards and am wondering if they would be compatible...

I keep finding listings that are not available, e.g. https://www.camera-warehouse.com.au/eye ... emory-card
Would this work with the ap? https://www.camerahouse.com.au/canon-w- ... fi-adaptor

Thanks for your help :D

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Re: Where to buy eye fi cards Australia

Postby tim » Thu Feb 08, 2018 6:44 pm

I really recommend against eyefi.
It is very hard to set up (requires a computer).
The eyefi software is very poorly supported by the company.
With eyefi, loads of important features are missing from wifibooth: you cant trigger the camera, so you cant use remotes, you dont get GIFs, and more.
Eyefi will likely be removed from wifibooth or support will be dropped.

I realize this isnt what you want to hear. I may build support for CamFi.... but that is at least months away
Please write a review for Wifibooth on the Apple App store! Indie developers like me really need people like you to review their apps. Instructions on how to write a review: http://goo.gl/w8NsDI.

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