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Observations and Suggestions

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 11:18 am
by EJC
Hi Tim,

Let me start of first by expressing how happy I am with Wifibooth. It has enabled me to do some truly fantastic things! I think you are brilliant and talented. I did a rather large event last Thursday, and a few issues/suggestions became apparent.

1. Email. I love being able to send my guests an email with their photos. A few things I would like to be enabled if possible. I would like to auto send all of the photos to the recipient. Not just the collage. This would be a huge time saver for me!

What I do now is: I collect the email, I have them sign a photo release form, I document features about them, and match the email address to the recipient, (sometimes using fb) I then edit the photos and manually send them out to each guest. This is so time consuming. I wish that either 1. The email addresses are saved in the order they are taken. Then I can match the first 3 to the first email and so on. (I currently believe they are alphabetically ordered) With out this feature it is a big mess. or 2. Have all the photos automatically sent when connected to wifi.

2. Blue print. I liked the update and felt more confidence while using blueprint for connectivity. However, there was a long long lag time. the loading circle on the blue print app would spin for 2 minutes or so before even starting to print. For every Print out! This made me look pretty bad.

3. Also is there a way to cancel the auto email from going out after the event? I have already emailed all photos out manually. Now I want to stop it from sending it again.

4. it would be great to send the gifs with all photos and collages too.

5. I think it would be of great value to be able to see the overlay change while moving the border sliders. It took me quite a while to trial and error to the point where everything was aligned.

I am really excited to delve into some of the other features. Looking forward to it.

Thank you from the team at EJC

Re: Observations and Suggestions

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 1:34 pm
by tim
Hi EJC Team,

Thanks for your thoughtful feedback, i'm happy to hear Wifibooth is working for you.

- Overlay change while moving border sliders: understood. That's something we plan to tackle with Wifibooth 5 which is still quite a ways off

- BluePrint long lag time: there are two things you can do to make it faster.

(1) increase the throughput of the link between BluePrint and Wifibooth. You can do this by making sure both devices have Bluetooth 5.0 -- that means a very new iPad (ie. iPad Pro 11") and the iPhone/BluePrint device to be an iPhone 8 or newer.

(2) decrease the amount of data that Wifibooth has to send to BluePrint. Based on your last post i'm not sure if you are only printing via BluePrint, or also using shared internet via BluePrint for emails, dropbox uploads etc -- I suspect that you are. If so, one option is that you turn OFF internet sharing on the BluePrint side (it's the switch you see on the screen you end up on while sharing a printer). This will mean that you don't have live internet access from the iPad anymore, but printing will be much faster. Another option here is to optimize the print sizes themselves. If you're printing 4x6 for example, on the layout & collages page you could change the DPI from 300 to 150: this will slightly reduce the print quality but perhaps not even enough that anyone notices, and it will halve the amount of data that needs be sent. Ie. much faster prints.

- Matching photos to email, other email feedback

The part about your feedback here that I understand is that there should be some way to get the email addresses out of the app in the same order that they were entered. To be honest I thought that was possible and see that it is not: I think that's a bug/regression that happened recently. I'm going to look into this soon.

The part of your feedback I don't fully understand is about the "photos automatically sent when connected to wifi" --> please can you explain what you mean?
Here is how Wifibooth should function for internet uploads in general:
At the moment that any internet operation (like sending an email, doing a dropbox upload etc) is created, either by the user (ie. entering an email address) or by the app automatically (ie. auto-uploading all collages to dropbox), then the app checks if it is connected to BluePrint with BluePrint's internet sharing activated (which is on by default). If so, Wifibooth will send the data via BluePrint to the internet.
(side-note: if BluePrint actually does NOT have internet access, it can bounce back to wifibooth, but the cases are too complex to list in this post here -- feel free to ask questions if you want more info here).
If BluePrint isn't connected or isn't sharing internet, Wifibooth checks if it can access the internet itself (directly), and if so, immediately sends the data to the internet.
If neither, Wifibooth stores the data, and does nothing at this time.
For stored data: the moment that Wifibooth detects it can directly access the internet, it will immediately try to send all stored data to the internet. This stored data is never sent via BluePrint.

Re: Observations and Suggestions

Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2019 2:16 pm
by EJC
Hey Tim,

For for the delay in response and thank you for the great information. While it is not an option for me at the moment to upgrade my iphone and Ipad, I will follow the other steps to reduce lag time. I'm excited to see the difference it will make.

1. Looking forward to having the emails placed in the order they were inputted.

2. What I meant by "photos automatically sent when connected to wifi" sorry for the absence of clarity here... I hope to have all the photos sent not only the collage. So, 3 photos, a collage, and the gif all being sent automatically once the system is reconnected to wifi.

3. My other question was: is it possible to cancel the emails from being sent?

Re: Observations and Suggestions

Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2019 3:29 pm
by tim
Do you mean cancel emails that are queued up (not sent yet), that you for some reason don't want to send anymore?
Yes, when you are looking at them you can swipe the rows (from right to left) to expose a delete button. You can see them from the event picker screen, or the share center (in settings).