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Query/Suggestion Ideas

Postby ngriffiths » Thu Jan 09, 2020 10:19 am


Tried the trial and really interested in the project but have some suggestion ideas/queries on capabilities:

- Is it possible to access the “back of house” part of the app from a computer as opposed to having to use the iPad itself? Eg. Ideally we would like to set up a permanent stand for the iPad itself and then make amends to branding and download e-mails via a computer.
- What else (if anything) can be operated remotely?
- Is the software GDPR compliant?
- Does the software record Gifs/boomerang videos as well as pictures?
- As we are based in the UK, is there a UK troubleshooting team if we have issues?

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Re: Query/Suggestion Ideas

Postby tim » Thu Jan 09, 2020 2:48 pm

Hi thanks for these thoughtful questions, answering in same order:

- at the moment in Wifibooth 4 all interaction is in the iOS app. It's definitely on the radar for Wifibooth 5 to make parts of it web accessible.
- wifibooth can upload to dropbox, google photos, google drive, facebook, twitter -- this can be setup in wifibooth as automatic and then managed from a computer on the respective services
- whether software is GDPR compliant or not depends upon how you use it. In its default configuration wifibooth is GDPR compliant, primarily because it does not take any information from guests. If you start collecting email addresses you can get to a state of not being GDPR-compliant if you're not careful. In wifibooth 5 we are planning to add functionality to allow guests to be prompted more specifically for consent, and consent tracking -- in wifibooth 4 you can do this by customizing the email prompts for consent but you cannot explicitly track consent.
- gifs/mp4s with boomerang are recorded during countdown
- support is via wifibooth community forum only
Please write a review for Wifibooth on the Apple App store! Indie developers like me really need people like you to review their apps. Instructions on how to write a review: http://goo.gl/w8NsDI.

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