Canon 750d or Nikond5300?

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Canon 750d or Nikond5300?

Postby thegithegi » Sun May 21, 2017 8:18 pm

I'm yet to buy a camera but I'm getting the dnp ds40 printer with the wps-pro. I can't figure out which is the better camera for wifi booth. From the forums I see that live view won't work for canon cameras. Does this mean that the iPad won't work in live view too? As for the Nikon, you never seem to recommend it yet it is cheaper than the canon 750d. So now my question, which camera will give me the most functionality between the canon 750d and the Nikon d5300? I was going to buy the 1300d but I have read complaints about it being too slow.

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Re: Canon 750d or Nikond5300?

Postby tim » Sun May 21, 2017 9:13 pm

Live view works great on all cameras including sony, nikon and canon.
I recommend the canon 750d over the nikon because it has MUCH better wifi: the nikon is not able to make a wifi connection outwards (so everything must connect to it). That will not work at all with your DNP WPS unit that you need to drive the DS40.
The canon will work well because it can connect outwards to the wifi of your DNP WPS, where your ipad will be connected too
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