What do you guys use to hold everything?

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What do you guys use to hold everything?

Postby calzone » Mon Apr 19, 2021 1:15 pm

Checking in with the Wifibooth community to find if anyone might share their setup, or suggest tripods, racks, or other such gear for an event?

I'm currently using a custom built cabinet. it's large, heavy, somewhat fragile (can get dinged or scratched easy) and therefore a hassle to use. As a result, it makes offering "cheap and quick" Photo Booth services prohibitive.

I thought a simple tripod setup of some type, where the iPad is supported, the camera is supported, and a flash with umbrella is supported would be ideal for this. I could put a printer on a side table and gather all the connectivity gear in a crate under the tripod.

Alternatively, I might consider multiple tripods to achieve the same thing.

Basically, it all collapses easily, is light/portable and takes up little storage, and not a big deal if it gets scratched or dinged (or just resistant to that in general).

Searching for such solutions, I seem to be coming up empty handed. I see very simple versions, with ring lights.

Anyway, would love to hear how other professionals contain their Wifibooth. Even if your setup is heavy and difficult like mine, I'd love to hear about it.

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Re: What do you guys use to hold everything?

Postby focuspdn » Thu Jun 17, 2021 8:39 am

I basically use the tripod idea, it does become very fragile when it's crowded.. i had crowds fell down and broke my tripod before

But I do think creating a proximity around the photo booth makes sense, so they don't overcrowd it

- operator at focusbooth

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