Wifibooth newest version: 4.14.0

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Wifibooth newest version: 4.14.0

Postby tim » Thu May 09, 2019 11:10 am

Wifibooth 4.14.0 is now available, please update. It requires iOS 12.4.
If you use SoloLink (formerly known as BluePrint), please make sure you update it too.

- NEW: added USB support for Nikon & Sony (requires iOS 15.2)
- NEW: you can trigger the camera with volume up button (requires iOS 17.2)
- NEW: added support for many more camera models
- REMOVED: broken Facebook integration has been removed
- REMOVED: legacy Watch app has been removed

- FIXED: a crash on iOS 15

- FIXED: Fixed non-manual printing to 3rd-party AirPrint servers that are not AirPrint-certified. You'll need to add the printer each time you start the app.
- FIXED: Fixed a rare crash

- FIXED: when using SoloLink as the camera, liveview would stay off after leaving the app and coming back
- FIXED: a rare crash that could occur when rotating the device or turning SceneSelect on/off

- NEW: Connect to Canon DSLRs via USB: supporting both lightning and USB-C iOS devices. Requires iOS 14.2 or newer
- IMPROVED: entering phone numbers

- NEW: Support for Canon 250D / EOS Rebel SL3, Fuji X-T4, Fuji X100V
- FIXED: live-view on home screen not filling the screen when using iPad camera
- FIXED: when the setting to automatically go to the gallery was turned off, an issue sometimes caused the progress ring to show when it should not

- FIXED: An issue that in some cases could cause purchases & restored purchases to not work properly
- CHANGED: Upgraded to Facebook Graph API v7. Note: no data is sent to Facebook unless you have explicitly turned on Facebook uploads (this has not changed)

- FIXED: Printing could get stuck if you turned AutoPilot on Full, but set the number of prints to blank/zero for the user to choose.
- NEW: Wifibooth Pro now has a monthly subscription option instead of only a yearly option.
- CHANGED: Due to new limitations imposed by Facebook, posts to Facebook are now directly to the Page's feed instead of the Page's photo album.

- NEW: We added additional SceneSelect settings in camera settings - a video blend control so you can choose the intensity of SceneSelect in the video feed on the home screen, and a switch for whether SceneSelect shows in videos during countdown and recorded videos. These new settings do not affect photos.
- FIXED: a few minor bugs on the purchase screen
- IMPROVED: the photo-taking flow of remote iPhone cameras / SoloLink
- NOTE: The Small Events package was renamed to Selfie+

- IMPROVED: the screen showing the available plans for Wifibooth is easier to understand. The Small Events package was renamed to Selfie+

- minor changes in preparation for pricing changes coming in February for new customers only

- FIXED: auto exposure lock and exposure settings reset after taking photos with device camera

- FIXED: a rare crash and an issue that could stop sound from playing

- NEW: SceneSelect replaces the background behind your guests with a photo of your choice. Requires an iOS device with face ID (front) camera or multi-camera (rear), such as the iPad Pro 2018 or iPhone X.
- IMPROVED: Camera setup and configuration
- CHANGED: several prompts have changed. If you have already customized the text your guests see when entering email addresses / phone numbers, you may need to do this again in Event Settings.
- FIXED: an issue that could cause the gallery screen to flicker
- FIXED: an issue that could cause some Panasonic cameras like the FZ-series to not connect, or be unable to download photos

- CHANGED: On newer devices, videos no longer play automatically in the gallery - please open them to view them. This is a temporary change while an iOS 13 issue is investigated by Apple.
- FIXED: An issue that could cause MP4s not to record. If you're using iOS 13 and still experience this issue, please turn off iCloud Photos.
- FIXED: Movies were not showing while downloading photos from the camera.
- FIXED: A crash that would occur after a while on older iPads
- FIXED: several issues when using SoloLink as the remote camera, including the video feed showing as black.

- NEW: added a printing type called "Manual AirPrint" for 3rd-party print servers that are experiencing issues on iOS 13

- IMPROVED: editing photos
- IMPROVED: MP4s are smaller and higher-quality thanks to H.265 encoding
- IMPROVED: pinching/zooming the Gallery is nice & smooth again
- FIXED: an issue that caused e-mail logos to get stretched. If you were affected by this, please re-upload your logo on the Event Settings -> Email page.

- NEW: Added support for Canon 90D
- NEW: Use your voice to trigger the camera. In Event Settings -> General you can add a Siri shortcut so that you can trigger the camera with 'Hey Siri _your phrase here_'. At the moment Siri only supports reacting to one voice, which means Siri will only react to your voice (not your guests' voices).
- IMPROVED: You can now set a zero-second camera countdown. This works with some but not all cameras - if you experience problems, please increase the time to at least 1 second.
- IMPROVED: If you disable actions in the gallery, the action bar takes up less space than before.
- IMPROVED: MP4s that are too short to be useful are discarded.
- IMPROVED: Share Center lets you resend if some (but not all) of the media has been deleted outside of Wifibooth
- FIXED: on iOS 13 some printers were only printing once, then silently failing
- FIXED: Changing the e-mail 'from' display name did not work if Wifibooth was using SoloLink for internet access.

- NEW: The gallery screen has been updated with a new look and feel. You can pinch the gallery to zoom it in/out to make more/less photos visible.
- NEW: Movies are made differently and are recorded as MP4 instead of GIF. If you need to go back to the old behavior, use the new setting in Event Settings -> General.
- NEW: Now you can set a manual live-view rotation in Event Settings -> Taking Photos. This enables cameras like the Canon T6 and Fuji X-series to shoot in portrait orientation.
- NEW: If your iOS device has multiple cameras, you can select which one to use: wide, ultra wide, or telephoto.
- NEW: More Gallery settings to control whether guests are able to take actions on multiple photos at once, which you may care about if your bandwidth is expensive.
- IMPROVED: Several performance tweaks have sped up the flow of taking photos and app start-up time, more noticeably on older iPads.
- FIXED: An issue that prevented slideshows from showing if collages were not being saved or had not been created.
- FIXED: Editing a photo or collage a second time applied the initial edits again.
- FIXED: Several issues that could cause the "Get these photos" QR code to not be shown, or deliver the wrong link.
- FIXED: The autofocus setting would show a random value when settings was opened (the correct / last set value was being used, but not shown properly)

- BluePrint was renamed SoloLink

- NEW: In the Share Center you can sort the e-mail addresses and phone numbers. This works for both the values being displayed and the values you export to other apps.
- NEW: Do your guests take too long editing their photos? Now there's a setting to prevent guests from editing photos. You'll find this on the General settings page.
- NEW: Added a setting for Apple TV slideshows of 'Off', in case you want to mirror the whole display of the iPad.
- IMPROVED: When a color-picker is displayed, now you can touch the hex-code and enter it directly

- FIXED: an issue that could cause Wifibooth on the Apple Watch to not work properly
- FIXED: a crash when a Panasonic camera live-view frame had corrupt data (occurred during zoom)
- FIXED: an issue that could cause Wifibooth to stop being able to print to an AirPrint printer after some time, or cause the status area to pop open periodically showing a printer error
- NEW: the device camera has a new setting to lock its white-balance. BluePrint has been updated with this feature also.
- NEW: for cameras that do not support filesystem access, the filename from the camera is used if it is available
- NEW: added a printer setting that allows you to prevent printer connection errors from being shown in the status area popover
- NEW: a setting for slideshows to play from collages instead of individual photos

4.9.1: (no BluePrint update)
- Fixed an issue that could cause Wifibooth to hang when touching "Create Wordmark" on the branding settings page if the current event had a long name

- NEW: Slideshows are here! During your event Wifibooth can play a slideshow of the event's photos or show the latest photo taken on Smart TVs (no app required), on Apple TVs (no app required), and on other iOS devices like your second iPad (Soloslides app on other iOS device required).
If your wifi is connected directly to the camera, you can still play a slideshow by running the Soloslides app on your second iPad - this will use Bluetooth to download the photos from Wifibooth.
The settings controlling slideshow functionality can be found on the "Global" settings page. Please use the help '?' icon at the top-left to learn how they work!
- IMPROVED: The email address you use when sending a test email is now remembered for next time
- CHANGED: It is now possible to change the gallery setting "Automatically go to gallery after taking photos" even if the "Start on the gallery screen" setting is turned on
- FIXED: Wifibooth will no longer complain that there is a newer version on the app store when this is patently untrue
- FIXED: In a rare network configuration, a camera that became disconnected would keep showing as connected even after temporarily changing to the device camera, which would prevent it from being connected again. If you experience a camera still showing as connected when it is not, temporarily change to the device camera and then back again.
- FIXED: Issues around turning off background liveview when using the device camera
- FIXED: An issue that caused you to be unable to go back to the home screen from the gallery screen if you changed the camera from EyeFi to another type
- FIXED: An issue that could cause Wifibooth to start taking photos unexpectedly after recently taking more photos from the gallery screen.

- NEW: Added support for Nikon Z6 and Z7 cameras in "connect to smartphone" mode
- IMPROVED: connection time to all Nikon cameras has been improved
- FIXED: Wordmarks created with Wifibooth won't get clipped

- FIXED: Sending a test SMS while connected to BluePrint no longer shows an error when in fact it had succeeded, and reliability of sending actions to BluePrint has been improved

- NEW: Wifibooth can upload to Google Drive, and email links to photos & albums on Google Drive.
- NEW: The last connected DNP WPS printer is automatically remembered when Wifibooth opens.
- FIXED: Facebook uploads no longer create duplicate albums, and won't get stuck if you reuse an event after deleting its Facebook album.

- IMPORTANT: If you use email with Wifibooth and updated from an older version, then you need to check your email settings. Gmail users need to sign-in on the new Google event settings page. SMTP users may need to enter their 'from' email address. Send a test email to make sure your settings are correct.
- NEW: added support for Canon PowerShot and Digital ELPH/IXUS cameras. Check wifibooth.com to see the updated list of supported cameras.
- CHANGED: guests can now edit individual photos even if there are no actions available. Edited photos are now saved in the gallery alongside the original photo.
- IMPROVED: the live-view frame rate has been improved for some Canon cameras
- FIXED: error message should not show when shooting RAW+JPG
- FIXED: collages no longer upload to Dropbox twice if email is configured to send Dropbox links
- FIXED: an issue that sometimes created albums in the Camera Roll twice, and caused remotes (Wifibooth on an iPhone connected to the iPad) to not show new photos in the gallery

- NEW: More stickers!
- CHANGED: Guests can now continue from the collage screen without selecting any actions
- FIXED: an issue that could cause collages not to be saved
- FIXED: an issue that caused GIFs to not be created for some cameras including the Nikon D750
- FIXED: an issue that could cause the live-view video feed to not display when using a remote iPhone as the camera (via BluePrint). Make sure you update BluePrint too!

- IMPORTANT: This update may have signed the app out of Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook, Email, and the Wifibooth Service. Please sign back in again (in Event Settings). Sorry for the one-time inconvenience (it was unavoidable due to iOS restrictions).
- NEW: Manual camera controls for the device camera. Set a fixed shutter speed to make sure you don't have blurry photos. If you're using a remote iPhone as the camera, good news: these new controls are available in BluePrint too!
- NEW: Share Center. Guests' email addresses and phone numbers are collected in the Share Center, and you can easily resend emails / texts after changing your settings. Access the Share Center from Event Settings.
- NEW: icons on the gallery show your guests which photos have already been printed, emailed, or sent in a text.
- NEW: Support for the Fuji X-T3
- CHANGED: the filenames of photos from external cameras are used in emails, texts, and the Share Center.

- NEW: Now you can upload the email background and logo directly from the app to the Wifibooth Service, instead of needing to host the files somewhere yourself. You can do this from the Event Settings -> Email screen.
- CHANGED: The email templates have been improved based on user-feedback. The changes are not major, but you should test that your emails still look like you expect.
- CHANGED: if you connect to a DNP WPS printer by manually entering an IP address, then the next time you try to connect, this same IP will be tried first automatically. Hopefully this means you don't have to type in any more IP addresses.
- FIXED: when you send a test Twilio text from the Event Settings page and something goes wrong, now you'll actually be told the error. That was uh, kind of the point of having a test button.
- FIXED: camera connection popover had an issue that prevented changing the camera settings
- FIXED: an issue that could cause the app to get stuck on the progress-ring while loading photos

- FIXED: a crash that occurred when trying to preview a photo taken with an external camera
- CHANGED: if guests send an email / text and this device has no internet connection, then the guests are shown an alert that the email / text will be sent later. If a failure occurs then guests will be asked to try again.
- CHANGED: reliability has been improved when Wifibooth is using internet shared by BluePrint - if BluePrint is unable to send something, in some cases it will get re-queued back in Wifibooth for sending later when internet is available.

4.6.0 & 4.6.1:
- NEW: Guests can edit photos by applying filters, stickers, text, or by painting with their fingers!
- CHANGED: The photo/GIF preview screen has been improved
- FIXED: several iPhone X/XS/XR issues
- 4.6.1: added more stickers

- NEW: Use your iPhone's camera remotely on your iPad! Requires iOS 12 on both devices. Use the free app BluePrint for Wifibooth to share your iPhone's camera to Wifibooth
- CHANGED: When AutoPilot is on full and the user chooses not to enter their email address or cancels the print, the collage is uploaded & processed
- FIXED: bluetooth triggers that use "volume up" to trigger the shutter will no longer stop working after a while
- FIXED: a few crashes, including one that occurred when deleting photos

IMPORTANT: BluePrint users, you now need to tell Wifibooth to start looking for BluePrint. It doesn't do this automatically anymore. Start the connection from the status/wifi popup (top-right).
- Liveview st-st-st-st-st-stuttering issue fixed
- New Gallery setting allows the creation of collages with only 1 photo
- New Facebook/Dropbox/Twitter settings allow you to individually specify whether collages, individual photos, and/or GIFs are uploaded
- It's now possible to create white wordmarks and, uh, actually see the wordmark you're creating. Nice.
- Fixed several rare crashes
Keep telling us about your great ideas & the issues you're experiencing on the Wifibooth Community! Nothing makes us happier than making the app better for you.

- Added support for the Panasonic LUMIX G9, Canon EOS 2000D, 4000D
- Fixed two issues with sending email, including preventing guests from entering malformed addresses - which could stop the whole queue. Ugh. Why would your guests do that to you?!
- Performance improvements for liveview. If you have laggy liveview or other issues, come talk to us on the Community forums!
- Fixed an issue that caused photos to be added out of order, and made GIFs look screwey
- The volumeUp button now triggers the camera from the Gallery screen too (for iPad/Bluetooth remotes)
- Fixed an issue on preview screen when AutoPilot is taking only one photo
- Hid the callout on the homescreen if only 1 photo is being taken
- Fixed a crash on the Facebook settings screen
- Fixed an issue with the setting to not automatically go to the gallery

- Fixed a Facebook integration issue, where if you deleted the photo-album on Facebook, uploads from Wifibooth could stop working
- Fixed an issue that prevented a few users from being able to purchase the PRO package. To our users in Thailand, thanks for your patience!
- When using the Watch or iPhone as a remote, you can now initiate taking more photos from the gallery page

- View (and change, if supported by camera) camera settings like shutter speed, aperture, ISO - from the camera settings screen
- New setting allows you to configure whether the app automatically goes to the gallery screen after taking photos
- New setting allows you to specify the maximum number of copies per print
- Improved the collage screen when using 1-Strip / Roll printers
- Support for Fuji X-H1
- Fix a live-view issue that affected the Canon 70D

- When entering an email address, predictive text is shown if the email address was already entered for this event. This can be turned off in Event Settings.
- Panasonic firmware 2.3+ support
- Better live-view framerate for Nikon cameras, and certain Canon cameras: 70D, 80D, 7D II, 5DS/R, 5DIV, 800D
- Fix collage resolution being too low in some cases
- Bugfixes

- Improved camera reliability in several areas
- Improved printing speed for collages in some cases
- Added choices for how the collage's background photo is scaled
- If the layout is set to 1-Strip or 2-Strips, then don't allow printing individual photos as this doesn't print correctly on a strip printer
- If you've already purchased the Small Events package and you want to go PRO, your first year of PRO is now discounted by the price of the Small Events package
- Fixed an issue that prevented iPhone guest users from printing through the iPad
- Fixed an issue that prevented changing the email prompt's body text
- Fixed an issue that caused the photo border color to be forgotten on app launch
- Fixed a crash when you delete a specific offline action waiting for upload

4.4.2: fixed issues with offline emails/texts/uploads getting stuck. New: now you can touch the row on the event picker screen and see details of what is waiting to uoload.

- Fixed problem on Twilio settings screen
- Improved purchase screen
- If you purchase a package that doesn't contain features that are active in the current event, those features are deactivated upon purchase (instead of trial/watermarking continuing)
- Crashes fixed when analytics were disabled

- Create beautiful wordmarks from the Event settings -> Branding page
- New setting allows collage overlay to ignore collage's outer borders (Branding page)
- New settings allow manual control of print insets, for printers like the Canon Selphy line that always auto-zoom your photos (Printer settings)
- Lots of bugfixes including when autopilot is on and emails are forced
- Several crashes fixed

- Wifibooth can use the internet connection from your phone via BluePrint
- Several crashes fixed including a big one for Fuji cameras
- Fix a bug that causes SMS/MMSing photos only possible once per photo
- If a connected camera is idle for 20 minutes, restart live-view to stop it from going to sleep

- Add your logo to the home screen
- Twilio integration: guests can send photos & GIFs to themselves over SMS or MMS
- From the gallery, guests can scan a QR code to get the link to the photos on Dropbox
- Add colored borders to photos
- New email setting to force the user to enter their email address, which is enforced when they try to take an action like printing
- Many bugfixes, the most important ones for Fuji and Olympus camera owners who were seeing a crummy crash if the live-view was left on for a while

Fix for Fuji cameras

- Choose the logo's position when set to "In Collage"
- Duplicate events' settings by swiping them on the event picker screen. Event photos & content are not copied, just the settings are
- Customize the text of the email prompts
- New setting to force-crop photos as they are saved to camera roll, in case you need all emailed/shared photos to be at a consistent aspect ratio
- Getting email addresses from the app has been improved: you can see the list and pick individual addresses, or pick them all and choose whether duplicates are removed or not, and what character separates the addresses

FIXES (aka the list of Shame. Shame. Shame.)
- The logo wasn't showing properly in the collage preview
- The preview screen wasn't honoring the setting "Photos start zoomed in"
- The preview screen was sometimes printing/emailing the wrong photo
- If you entered wrong email settings, the app could crash
- Several camera-related crashes were fixed

- NEW USER FLOWS: print & email directly from the gallery, or from an individual image
- Can customize email background, which removes app-store button from emails
- Mirroring now only affects live-view, so photos with text in them don't show the text mirrored
- More cameras supported
- Many bugs fixed, including being prompted too often to log into E-Mail (for Google accounts), background color picker issues
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