Feature Request: timeout to hide overlay menu?

SoloLink is an iOS app that shares your printer(s) over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so that you can stay connected to your camera and be able to print. It can also share your iPhone's camera to Wifibooth.
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Feature Request: timeout to hide overlay menu?

Postby ikjadoon » Sat Jan 29, 2022 11:47 am

Hello! I love the latest updates. I've already enabled Ken Burns and it looks really nice. I hope one day we'll see it on AirPlay, but for now, it's great on the single screen.

I had a feature request: would it be possible for the overlay menu to have an optional timeout where, that if a user does not tap anything, the overlay menu disappears? The overlay menu is the one with the next, forward, pause, and hide buttons; it appears when you tap once on a playing slideshow.

The reason: sometimes, my folks (or others not particularly technologically-inclined) accidentally tap the screen without noticing and then for hours, the overlay menu stays open, somewhat obscuring the photos. And they sometimes ask me, "Why are the photos so dark?" without realising the overlay menu is still open. Or, most often, they don't even notice so about every day, I need to walk up to close the overlay menu.

Would it be possible to enable a timeout function of a few seconds or even a minute? Perhaps some would like the menu to stay indefinitely, so an optional timeout might be appropriate.

Thank you again for the excellent application.

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Re: Feature Request: timeout to hide overlay menu?

Postby tim » Sat Jan 29, 2022 12:07 pm

Thank you and you are welcome!
Honestly I thought it did have a long overlay timeout - but there were problems in this area, i guess i removed it.
Next time I update this app I’ll look at this. Time is hard to find these days.
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