Allow Many People to See my Gallery (but Not All Galleries)

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Allow Many People to See my Gallery (but Not All Galleries)

Postby JackpotJohnny » Fri Oct 01, 2021 2:24 pm

You could greatly expand sales if you would allow all my family and friends to purchase your app and then point your app to One Specific Gallery of mine (Not ALL my photos on their devices) so they could all enjoy streaming my family photos, or team photos, without your app requiring me to share my google photos password to them, which requires me to share all my images in all galleries, including photos and business documents, etc.

This one limitation prevents your users from creating many new users by recommending your app to their friends, teammates, students, etc, many of whom may purchase your premium upgrade. It is a single-user app at this point, not one that allows users to promote your app for you, which would more rapidly, without marketing costs to you, dramatically grow your market share of installed users, premium users, and monthly users.

As of 2021-10-01 I can only use this app myself to view my photos, which prevents your firm from unlocking the profits of the Network Effect of people sharing their photos with larger groups of people in their circles.

Thank you for considering this feature. It could be implemented in one of many ways, such as by way of a user sharing a public link to a specific gallery, then their family, friends, etc, could enter that link as the source of the photos, or, by way of a more elegant implementation such as allowing a user to share an activation code (you generate) with their connections and when they enter that code instead of google credentials, you point to the gallery for them, using the credentials you pass in encrypted form to the receiving user's app and also lock them out of viewing or editing those credentials from their device.

Lastly, if you allowed a meta-name for galleries and allowed a user to select one of those, which would point to a specific gallery, perhaps one they set up with their credentials, or one that was shared with them thru your app, they could select a gallery such as White Hill Track Team, or Smith Family Album, or Maui Trip to set the mood in the room for a specific occassion.


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Re: Allow Many People to See my Gallery (but Not All Galleries)

Postby tim » Fri Oct 01, 2021 2:59 pm

Hi there,
Thank you for the feedback.
We built that in a separate product -- check out
If you end up liking I can discount it by applying your wifibooth subscription to
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