Slideshows, Protecting the Admin Area, Language, and FTP Server

If you open up Event Settings in Wifibooth and go to the General page, you’ll see the following settings: Purchase […]

How to send texts (SMS/MMS) with Wifibooth

Wifibooth can send texts (SMS or MMS) by using the Twilio service. To do this you need to complete these […]

How to Connect to your Camera

This article is about connecting an external camera to your iPad/iPhone. You can also connect from your iPad to an […]

Use your iPhone camera from your iPad

As of Wifibooth 4.5.0, you can use your iPhone’s camera on your iPad. Your iPhone has a much better camera […]

Configure Wifibooth to be a social media booth

Wifibooth has lots of settings to control how photos, collages and GIFs are uploaded to social media. First, let’s discuss […]

Using Bluetooth to share Internet & Printer to Wifibooth

When the wifi of your iPad is connected directly to your camera, then by default your iPad cannot connect to […]

Printing with Wifibooth

Wifibooth is built to get your guests’ creations printed out as quickly and easily as possible! Prefer to watch a […]

Supported Cameras

Does your camera have wifi? Great! If it’s on the list below, it is supported with Wifibooth. If it’s not […]

How to stop guests from changing settings or leaving the app

Restricting access inside Wifibooth Before we get to preventing guests from leaving the app, first let’s configure Wifibooth with a […]

Wifibooth In-App Purchase Packages

Trial-mode watermarks are permanent! Before you make a purchase, Wifibooth adds watermarks to the photos. There is absolutely no way […]