Connecting everything to your Eye-Fi Card

Do you have the newer Mobi Pro (black) Eye-Fi card? Then you’re looking at the wrong page! This page is for the older Mobi card. If you have a Mobi Pro instead, please visit this page.

Since your Eye-Fi card does not Infrastructure support mode (the ability to connect to a wireless access point), then everything must connect to the Eye-Fi card.

Configure your Eye-Fi card correctly!

First, configure your Eye-Fi card by inserting it into your computer and using the official Eye-Fi software to turn OFF Selective Transfer, RAW transfer, Eye-Fi cloud, and any additional features other than the bare minimum! Otherwise the card will refuse to connect to Wifibooth.

It is not possible to use Twitter functionality with the Eye-Fi Mobi, because the iPad does not have internet access when connected to the Eye-Fi Mobi card.


  1. Insert the Eye-Fi card in the camera and turn your camera on
  2. Configure your camera to save JPG (either only JPG, or JPG+RAW), and make sure the resolution is not too high. Remember, printing resolution is only 1800×1200 pixels in most cases, so more is overkill and just makes your iPad drain its battery faster!
  3. Make sure that the iPad as well as any other devices that might connect to the Eye-Fi card are not running any Eye-Fi apps or software before you continue: quit & kill Eye-Fi Helper, Eye-Fi Mobi, Eye-Fi apps etc.
  4. Connect your iPad’s wifi to the Eye-Fi card (see your Eye-Fi card’s instructions — do this the same way as if you were using the official Eye-Fi iPad app)
  5. Start Wifibooth, choose Eye-Fi, and hit the blue link “If you have a Mobi card, touch here”
  6. Start taking photos on your Eye-Fi-equipped camera, and the photos automatically appear in the app!

Note that the Eye-Fi card will drop its wifi if no photos are taken on the camera within 15 seconds or so, and often the iPad will need to be manually reconnected. You can improve this by making sure that any other wifi networks in range of the iPad are not auto-joined (ie. tell the iPad to forget them).

If you want to print while the wifi of your iPad is connected to your Eye-Fi card, then you need a second iOS device to share the printer using the free app SoloLink (formerly called BluePrint). You can read how to configure Wifibooth to work with SoloLink here.

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