How to Connect to your Camera

This article is about connecting an external camera to your iPad/iPhone. You can also connect from your iPad to an iPhone, to use the iPhone’s camera – read more here.

Is your Camera Supported?

Please check the list of supported cameras to make sure the camera you are using is supported by Wifibooth.

Watch the video!

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Optimal iPad Settings

Make sure your iPad is fully charged, and plugged in. When the battery is low, iOS can throttle the wifi, which causes disconnections, lags, poor live view performance, and all kinds of other issues. Even if the iPad is plugged in, a low battery can still cause all of these issues. Turn on wifi, and bluetooth also! Make sure low power mode is turned off (if your device supports it — most iPads do not), and check that you have lots of free storage space (>500MB).

When was the last time your iPad was turned all the way off? If you can’t remember, do it now: hold down the power button, swipe -> off, then turn it back on again. This is especially helpful if you experience connectivity issues (to the camera, or from remotes).

Is your iPad in a case? Take it out and see if it performs better! Cases have a negative impact on wifi. How much negative impact depends on the case, so experiment without it and see if you get better performance.

Optimal Camera Settings

Use a fast memory card, not your old crummy one! Wifibooth hammers your camera with requests as fast as it can handle, to prevent your event guests waiting for the camera. A slower memory card can cause your camera to get confused and drop requests, resulting in missed photos in the app.

Start with a formatted memory card for best results! Wifibooth will connect to your camera faster if there are just a few photos on the card (ie. format it, then take one photo).

Panasonic & Olympus camera users: you must take at least one photo after formatting the card, or, make sure there’s at least one photo already on the camera.

If you experience the camera continually connecting & disconnecting: try formatting the card, taking one photo manually (using the camera not the app), then connect to Wifibooth

Use manual focus if possible, especially on the Canon 1300D aka T6. Autofocus failures can lead to long delays (stuck on the pink circle / donut screen) and can make people think the app has crashed. If your camera has unreliable autofocus performance (Canon 1300D, low-end DSLRs like the Nikon D3000 series, certain mirrorless cameras), then autofocus should be avoided. You need to turn off autofocus in two places: on the camera (ie. set the lens or camera to MF), and in Wifibooth (in the event settings -> taking photos, turn off autofocus). The Canon 1300D will often fail to take any photo when there is just a hint of focus ambiguity, so for this camera autofocus should be turned off.

If you are using autofocus, choose a focus point on the camera where there is high contrast, such as where people’s faces will be, or where a bright area meets a dark area. If you’re testing wifibooth on your desk, make sure you point the camera at a real subject that’s a proper distance from the camera.

Super huge photos will crash your iPad, so use JPG ‘Small’ or ‘Medium’. Make sure your camera is set to store JPGs at a size as close to your printing resolution as possible, which is by default 1800 x 1200 pixels (6″ paper size width x 300DPI = 1800 pixels width). It is safe to set your camera to store both RAW+JPG – RAW files will not be downloaded. With RAW+JPG you still have the originals, and Wifibooth is able to process the JPGs quickly.

Getting your camera ready for wifi

If you have already connected your mobile phone or iPad to your camera using your camera’s official app, then you already know this procedure. The difference is that you might need to instruct your camera to allow a new app to connect (ie. forget the last connection to the official app). If you have never connected your camera to an app before, then please consult the documentation that came with your camera to learn how to do this. Your camera should be waiting for a connection.

If you have a Fuji camera and you experience problems connecting, then turn the camera OFF, turn it back on again, open wireless mode on the camera, and once the camera is waiting for a connection hit the ‘MENU/OK’ button to forget the last pairing. You might need to do this even if Wifibooth was the last app that connected.

If you have a Canon or Panasonic camera, then you have the choice of having the camera connect to a wifi hotspot or router (“infrastructure mode”), or, you can connect the wifi of your iPhone or iPad to the camera (“camera mode”). Please note that infrastructure mode is highly recommended. Canon users, please read more hereTo get to infrastructure mode on a Panasonic, while the camera is showing the wifi animation and is expecting a connection, at the bottom you should see “DISP. Change method”. Hit the Disp. button, then choose “via network”.

If you have a Sony camera, then you almost certainly need to update the firmware and the smart remote app in order for wifibooth to be able to connect. Please note that updating the firmware and the smart remote app are two separate steps. Sony users, please read more here

Connecting Wifibooth to your camera

First, connect the wifi of your iOS device to either the camera directly (all camera models except Canon), or to the same router/hotspot that your camera is connected to (Canon cameras in infrastructure mode)

Next, open Wifibooth and touch the camera icon at the top-left of the start screen:

In the camera popup, double-check that the wifi is connected to where you expect it to be. Then, touch the “Camera with Wifi” option:

Wifibooth will look for cameras continuously while the “Camera with Wifi” option is selected. Please note that you might need to complete the pairing on the camera, ie. your camera may ask you if Wifibooth should be allowed to connect.

Nikon camera users: sometimes it can take longer (1-2 minutes) than expected for the initial connection to some Nikon cameras, notably the Nikon D750.

If you see an error message from Wifibooth, such as the session being rejected by the camera, just wait a minute — Wifibooth will automatically try again. If you experience issues, switch the camera back to the device camera, then back to “Camera with Wifi” again.

Once connected, you can use the small camera button in the camera popup to take a test photo. Test photos are not saved.

If your camera gets disconnected, ie. because you have to swap the battery, Wifibooth should automatically reconnect.

Use your iPhone camera from your iPad

As of Wifibooth 4.5.0, you can use your iPhone’s camera on your iPad. Your iPhone has a much better camera than your iPad – better to use this than your iPad’s camera! You can mount your iPhone on your tripod with its rear-facing camera facing your guests, and have the iPad on a table nearby showing the guests the live-view video feed — this will help them know where to stand, in order to be in the photo.

Prefer to watch a video instead of reading? Use the Related Video link above.

To connect your iPhone camera to your iPad, follow these instructions.

You’ll need:

To connect your iPhone & iPad:

  1. First, either connect both devices to the same wifi network, or have the iPad connect to your iPhone’s personal hotspot (this will also mean the iPad has internet access, which is necessary for live emails / uploads). Your iPad & iPhone will also find each other if wifi is on and is not connected to any network (on both devices).
  2. On your iPad, in Wifibooth, open the camera popup (near the top-left of the app), and select “Remote iPhone”
  3. On your iPhone, open BluePrint and touch “Share camera”
  4. Your iPad will find the iPhone and attempt to connect. Your iPhone will ask you for permission for the iPad to connect: grant it with “Always Allow”

That’s it!

On your iPhone, BluePrint offers you the following features:

  • Green Screen effect (replaces the background with a different background). Note that this is only supported on dual-camera devices at least as new as the iPhone 8 Plus, ie. iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max. To activate this feature, hit the “Select…” button to choose a new background image. Note: the green-screen effect will only be applied when a person’s face is detected in the frame, and the lighting is good
  • Video resolution: choose the resolution of the live-view feed being sent to your other device. This has no effect on the photos taken. If you experience issues with the live-view / video feed looking blocky or breaking up, then lower the resolution to 480.
  • Flash: choose whether the iPhone flash will fire when a photo is taken
  • Exposure controls: you can lock or unlock the exposure (so that the camera doesn’t change its brightness), and also apply an exposure compensation to make it brighter or darker
  • Save photos to camera roll: by default, all photos taken will be saved to the camera roll on your iPhone. If you don’t want this, set it to “No”.

To conserve your iPhone’s battery, BluePrint will detect when it hasn’t taken a photo in a while, and reduce the frame-rate of the live-video it is sending. As soon as another photo is asked to be taken, or you interact with Wifibooth’s camera controls on the other end, the frame-rate will be reset to its normal rate.

Printing with Wifibooth

Wifibooth is built to get your guests’ creations printed out as quickly and easily as possible!

Prefer to watch a video instead of reading? Use the Related Video link above.

If your iPad is connected directly to your camera’s wifi (ie. your camera is making the wifi hotspot that you connect to), then your printer and your iPad are NOT on the same wifi network, because your camera will only let the iPad connect. This means you won’t be able to add the printer directly in Wifibooth – nothing will show up in the list of printers.

So what can you do?

First, if you’re lucky enough to have a camera that supports connecting to other wifi networks, like Canon and Panasonic cameras, then you can use “infrastructure mode” wifi to tell your camera to connect to a wifi router instead. That’ll mean that you end up with your iPad, camera, and printer all on the same wifi network. Learn more about connecting your Canon camera to a router here.

If you don’t have a camera that can connect to other wifi networks, don’t sweat it! That’s why BluePrint was created. BluePrint is a free app that lets you use a second iOS device, usually your iPhone (even an old one will work!), to share your printer and internet via bluetooth. Go to the BluePrint article to learn more.

Printer Settings

There are two places in Wifibooth where there are settings that affect printing: on the printer page itself, and in the event settings.

After you connect a printer, you can see the printer settings on the printer page. Here you can set the following:

  • Whether the guest can print from the gallery screen. If your guests are printing too many photos, try turning this off.
  • The text the user sees after printing. For example, you can tell your guests to write something under the photo or print an extra copy for the bride
  • Insets. These are very small adjustments to the printed image, in case you have a printer that “zooms” (overscans) everything that it prints. Canon Selphy printers are infamous for doing this. If you’re finding that your logo gets cut at the bottom or top of the print, try using the following inset settings for your Canon Selphy printer: Left 32, Right 37, Top 52, Bottom 55. Thanks to Wifibooth Community user Cranfan for these

The other page of settings that matters for printing is the Layout & Collages settings page, which is found in event settings. Here you can set the following:

  • The orientation for collages. This defaults to automatic, which means Wifibooth will guess the best orientation based on the photos selected for printing. Important: if your printer cuts the paper itself, choose “2 Strips”. If your printer is a roll printer, meaning the paper comes in a roll instead of in sheets, then select “1 Strip Roll Printer”.
  • Size. This has two important impacts: the aspect ratio of the collages, and the resolution of photos that Wifibooth creates. The default is 4×6″. If your printer is loaded with 5×7″ paper, things are not going to look good! Set this to the right size for the paper in your printer. Together with the DPI setting, this setting controls the resolution (pixels) of photos when they are printed: at the default of 4×6 at 300 DPI, the resolution of created photos is (4 x 300) by (6 x 300) pixels = 1800x1200 pixels for a photo in landscape orientation.
  • Borders. These allow you to customize the look of your prints – adjust them to your taste. Note that the last “photo borders” setting adds an extra border to the outer edge of each photo, whereas the other border settings simply increase the spacing to let the background show through.
  • Background. You can choose a background color, or a photo. For the photo, you can choose how it appears if it isn’t exactly the same aspect ratio as your paper size. Choose “scaled (keeping aspect ratio)” if the background photo has objects like people in it. Choose “not scaled” if you’re picking a repeating pattern etc. Note: don’t pick a huge background photo! It should be close to your printing resolution (see above). If you pick a background photo that’s too big, ie. 4000 x 3000 pixels, Wifibooth might run really slowly or even crash on older iPads.

Wifibooth In-App Purchase Packages

Trial-mode watermarks are permanent!

Before you make a purchase, Wifibooth adds watermarks to the photos. There is absolutely no way to remove these watermarks from the photos: you must purchase the app before your event. If you are seeing watermarks, do not take photos at your event! After you make a purchase, simply check that you can now take photos without watermarks being added.

Help, I cannot purchase the package!

Please go here.

What’s included in each package?

Selfie Small Events PRO
Take photos with iPad or iPhone camera, no watermarks
Connect to a remote iPhone camera using BluePrint app, no watermarks
Connect to your Camera's Built-in WiFi, no watermarks. See list of supported cameras
Animated GIFs are made automatically for your guests
Adjust Camera settings like photo mirroring, and Collage settings like background color or photo
All photos saved to Camera Roll
Play slideshows on Smart TVs, Apple TV, or the Soloslides App - learn more
Remote-control your iPad with iPhones, iPods, and Apple Watch to trigger your camera directly
Event Management: multiple events with different settings, photo albums, etc
Direct Printing via AirPrint, BluePrint, FTP, and to supported DNP products
FTP Server: upload photos directly into the app
Dropbox and Facebook integration: auto-upload collages or all photos
Send photos via text (SMS or MMS) with Twilio
Add photos from Twitter via #yourEvent
Tweet collages to #yourEvent
Branding: add your logo to photos, to your guests' iPhone/iPod app, to emails, to the homescreen of the app
Create beautiful wordmarks without leaving the app
Email: collect email addresses, live-send email to your guests with either a Dropbox link, or the photo directly attached
Offline support: emails, texts, Facebook, and Dropbox uploads will queue while your iPad is offline, automatically send once online
ALL upcoming features (anything developed in the future)
Available as a... One-time purchase One-time purchase Yearly Subscription

Please note that there may be differences between the iPad and iPhone versions of the app. Make sure you try out the features you want to use, before making a purchase.

Please don’t make a purchase until you know the app works for you.

Before you purchase the app there are no limitations beyond watermarks, the nag screen, and photo downsizing. So if the app is not connecting to your camera, or some other functionality is not how you expect, then please post on the community forums to get answers to your questions before purchasing.

Where can I see the prices of these packages?

Because the currency and price depend upon which country your Apple ID was first registered in, prices are only shown in the app. The app is free to download and install – please look at prices in the app.

I bought this on my iPhone, how can I get it on my iPad without paying again?

You can restore your purchase on any devices that are signed-in with the same Apple ID (see Settings App -> iTunes & App Store). If you purchased the app on your iPhone and your iPad is signed in with the same Apple ID, then open Wifibooth on your iPad, go to the purchase screen (hit “See Price” on the popup or navigate via the Event Settings), and hit the pink “Restore Purchase” button at the bottom.

What’s a Yearly Subscription? Why would I want that?

The PRO Events Package is sold as an auto-renewing yearly subscription through Apple. Apple will automatically attempt to renew the package 24 hours before the end of the period (so, one day less than a year after you buy it). You can cancel your subscription at any time – simply use the Manage Subscriptions link on the settings page of WiFi Booth, or use iTunes to cancel your subscription.

Subscriptions allow independent developers like me to earn a wage that translates into us having enough time to keep improving this app. This app is built by Tim, not a company. Tim has 2 kids and mouths to feed, and this app is not small enough to be just a hobby! Thank you so much for your support, it literally means the world to me.

Help, I purchased something but it doesn’t work like I expect!

Please use the community forums to get in touch and we’ll help you.

I had to wipe my iPad, and now my purchase is gone!

Hit the Restore Purchase button on the app settings page.

The app will check to see if you bought any packages, by connecting to Apple and examining your in-app purchases. You may be prompted to sign-in with your Apple ID. Make sure you use the same Apple ID that you used to purchase the package! If you purchased a package and it doesn’t restore properly, check the Apple ID you are signed in with: go to the Settings App -> iTunes & App Store and check the signed-in Apple ID there.


I am unable to purchase Pro or another package, there’s an error!

If you experience an error trying to make a purchase please try these steps:

  1. Open Settings App, go to ITunes & App store, touch the Apple ID at the top and choose Sign Out
  2. Power the ipad right down – hold down power button and swipe to power off
  3. Power back on, back to Settings App, itunes & app store, sign in again. Look for any errors or warnings from Apple when you sign in.

Try purchasing wifibooth at this point.
If you continue to see the error, please follow the instructions on this Apple webpage. If you do end up needing to contact Apple Support, don’t fear – they’re very good at helping you give them your money! If all else fails, please get in contact with us on the Community forum and we’ll help you.


How do I unsubscribe from Wifibooth Pro?

Please follow this link to Apple to manage your subscriptions (including Wifibooth Pro).

You can also do this in Wifibooth: on the Wifibooth purchase screen (Event Settings -> General -> Show packages), if you have purchased Pro then at the bottom you’ll see the button “Manage Subscriptions”. When you touch that, you’ll be directed to exactly the right spot in Apple-land where you can cancel or change your subscription.