How to fix Facebook uploads if they stop working

Facebook made more breaking changes, and the result could be that your photos stop uploading to Facebook. If that happens, please follow these steps to get things back on track. As always, make sure you’re fully updated to the newest version of Wifibooth on the App Store. You need iOS 12 or newer.

First, go to your Business Tools settings of your Facebook account. You don’t have to be on your iPad to do this. Link:
Then follow these steps:
1. Next to Wifibooth, click “View and Edit”
2. Make sure each of the toggles/switches for each section are on. Turn on every one – “Show a list of the Pages you manage”, and so on.
3. In each section, make sure the page(s) you want Wifibooth to have access to have a check in the checkbox. Make sure every section gets checked.
4. Hit Save at the bottom
5. Restart Wifibooth (kill it, if it is running already)

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