Twitter + Wifibooth

With Wifibooth guests can add your event’s hashtagged photos into their collages, directly from Twitter. Wifibooth can also automatically tweet collages. These two options are independently configured in Event Settings.

How it Works

Your iOS device will need internet connectivity (3G, wifi, whatever). Once configured, the app will connect and stay connected to Twitter. It will automatically reconnect as quickly as possible, should your internet connection drop for a moment.

Twitter is configured in the Event Settings

Twitter is configured in the Event Settings screen. Touch the gear icon at the top-right, and select the Twitter settings screen. Touch the button “Sign In” to sign into Twitter (you only need to do this once). Please remember when writing your tweet text that it must stick within Twitter’s limits (currently 140 characters or so).

If you enter a hashtag, guests will be able to add photos from this hashtag (as well as being able to search for specific users’ photos, ie. their own photos). You don’t need to include the # when typing the hashtag.

If you want to tweet photos to the Wifibooth, make sure you use a different Twitter account when you tweet — not the one Wifibooth is logged in with.

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