Way to connect cameras and DNP printers with cables?

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Way to connect cameras and DNP printers with cables?

Postby kazandeffect » Thu Jun 06, 2019 11:06 pm

Hi there,

I've used your app for a few events and the clients and the guests love it. However, there are two things that are making me consider switching unless there's a solution at hand.

My current setup is: Canon M50, iPad 2018, DNP DS-RX1 printer, and DNP WPS Pro acting as the router/printer server.

I bought the Canon M50 per the recommendation by an official Wifibooth responder on a different thread for its fast Wi-Fi speed, but I've found the sync lag to be VERY noticeable, especially for the live view and collage compilation, and frustrating when there is a line. Previously I used a router to broker data between the DSLR+ipad+ printer with a MacBook to act as a printer server, which was faster but an unelegant solution.

Is there a way to hardwire the DSLR to the iPad to reduce lag in the live view and collage compilation? Additionally, is there a way to connect the DNP WPS Pro printer server to bypass its abysmal data transfer rate? If there's a tutorial I've missed for "The Best Way to Setup Wifi Booth" I'll happily accept the link.

My second question is regarding the number of user input required to go from seeing the collage > inputting email address > confirming email address > inputting number of prints > confirming that prints are coming. Is there a setting that can remove the last input to reduce the number of guest input with the app to move things along?

All your advice are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

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Re: Way to onnect cameras and DNP printers with cables?

Postby tim » Fri Jun 07, 2019 8:13 am

Hi Kaz
Unfortunately Apple doesn’t allow us real USB access on iOS so wifi is the way to go.
Have you tried Autopilot to reduce the touches?
To speed up the shutter sync does turning off autofocus help? Not sure if that is possible on the M50 when tethered to wifibooth
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