How to print from Wifibooth over Bluetooth by using BluePrint

NEW: When Wifibooth is connected to BluePrint, BluePrint can now share its internet connectivity to Wifibooth. This means your emails, Dropbox uploads etc can happen even while your iPad is connected directly to your camera’s wifi.

Starting with Wifibooth 2.5.0, you can print over Bluetooth to AirPrint printers. The reason you’d want to do this is because when the wifi of your iPad is connected directly to your camera / Eye-fi card, then your iPad cannot connect to a printer over wifi. This is a common issue because only Canon and Panasonic cameras support connecting their wifi to a router (infrastructure mode). BluePrint is a FREE app specifically developed to solve this problem, and Wifibooth integrates with it directly.




  • A second iOS device with Bluetooth and wi-fi, running iOS 8.1 or newer. That’s basically any iPhone or iPod that you have lying around
  • The printer to be shared must support AirPrint (ie. Canon Selphy CP910 or newer), and must be connected to the same wifi network as your second iOS device. You can use a portable wifi hotspot for this. I’ve had good luck with the DLink DIR-505. Or you can connect the printer to the wifi of your second iOS device, ie. using Personal Hotspot — that assumes that your second iOS device has a SIM card in it (Apple devices do not allow Personal Hotspot without a SIM card present)
  • During your event, the iPad and the second iOS device can be reasonably close together (the range of Bluetooth varies, but I wouldn’t expect much beyond about 5 meters or so)


  1. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on, on both your iPad and your second iOS device. You don’t need to connect to anything, or do anything other than make sure Bluetooth is on.
  2. Install BluePrint on your second iOS device. Here’s the app-store link: Note that BluePrint does NOT need to be installed or running on your iPad where Wifibooth is running. This might confuse things, so it’s not recommended to put BluePrint on the same iPad as Wifibooth.
  3. Connect the wifi of your second iOS device to the same wifi your printer is on. If your second iOS device is an iPhone, then it is best to use your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot feature and get the printer connected to that. You can tell if the printer is connected to your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot by the blue bar at the top of the iPhone which should say “1 Device Connected”.
  4. Start BluePrint on your second iOS device, and touch the “Share a printer” button. Select your printer from the list. If you can’t see your printer, make sure the printer is on the same wifi network as your second iOS device.
  5. Open Wifibooth on your iPad, touch the printer icon at the top-left, and add a Blueprint printer, and follow instructions from there.
  6. That’s it! Prints might take a while if your Bluetooth is on the limit of its range. If that’s a problem, you can try decreasing the print resolution (event settings -> collages -> Size, and DPI, or move the devices closer together.

If you get stuck, please visit the Community — someone will help you!