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Are you already offering photographic services & managing clients? Then you’re doing the hard part already — now start earning more at every event. Watch as guests use Wifibooth to share their creations on social media, putting your logo in front of thousands of potential customers.

All of Wifibooth is free to try.

Just watermarks added to the photos while you make sure it works with your gear, and can do what you need it to do.

What are you waiting for?

    Powerful features and deep customization enable a professional photobooth experience.

    Here are some of the features we think your guests will love.

  • Connect to a real camera and lighting system

    Wifibooth connects to your Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fuji, Panasonic and Olympus cameras, allowing high-resolution capture and sync with flash.

  • Remote iPhone camera

    The cameras on iPhones are significantly better than iPad cameras. Wifibooth can seamlessly connect to your iPhone and use its camera, showing the liveview feed on your iPad. It's so simple to connect.

  • Sharing is Caring

    Guests can e-mail or text themselves their creations. Wifibooth can automatically share via Dropbox, Facebook, and Twitter. Offline? No problem: photos will be stored and sent when internet access is detected.

  • Print perfect collages in just a single tap

    Wifibooth keeps the line-up for the photobooth moving by guiding guests through the process of taking their photos, creating a collage, and printing it out. Turn on AutoPilot to print with a single-touch, or allow guests full control!

  • Get your Brand out there

    Everything your guests create with Wifibooth can be branded with your logo. Choose how your logo appears, customize the appearance of the app, and the content of the emails that the app sends.

Tim Carr

Tim Carr

Developer / Photographer

(Still) Built by a Photographer

Launched by Tim in 2015, Wifibooth’s long version history is a testament to how often it is updated. Tim understands how hard you work to impress your clients, because he has decades of experience running photobooths and small businesses. The result is a powerful design that handles iPad-hogging children & guests who have clearly enjoyed an open bar.

Real support by a real person

Most apps have only support articles, maybe a video or two. But if you browse the Wifibooth Community forums you’ll notice a pattern: Tim responds to questions & suggestions usually within hours. That’s because this isn’t a 9-to-5 in a cubicle somewhere, this is Tim’s bread & butter. Tim can reply this quickly because he wrote the code, and knows how everything works.

Wifibooth Release 4.7.0 (Dec. 7 2018)

IMPORTANT: This update may sign the app out of Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook, Email, and the Wifibooth Service. Please sign back in again in the app (in Event Settings). Sorry for the one-time inconvenience (it was unavoidable due to iOS restrictions).

NEW: Manual camera controls for the device camera. Set a fixed shutter speed to make sure you don’t have blurry photos. If you’re using a remote iPhone as the camera, good news: these new controls are available in BluePrint too!

NEW: Share Center. Guests’ email addresses and phone numbers are collected in the Share Center, and you can easily resend emails / texts after changing your settings. Access the Share Center from Event Settings.

NEW: icons on the gallery show your guests which photos have already been printed, emailed, or sent in a text.

NEW: Support for the Fuji X-T3

CHANGED: the filenames of photos from external cameras are used in emails, texts, and the Share Center.

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