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“This is by far the best photo booth app for iPad I have seen to date! Perfect for a DIY photo booth for parties and events. Great balance of simplicity, well crafted user experience, and flexibility!”

Versatile, Professional, Perfect

“We couldn’t be happier finding this app when searching for a solution to build a photo booth at a wedding requiring just little attention, while at the same time connects to our existing gear … The app is a true Swiss Army Knife in therms of possible connections to cameras, printers and overall usage.”

Great App For Weddings

“I was looking for an app to meet the needs of my wedding business. I searched several top photo booth apps and tried them all. I couldn’t find one that would let me use my own equipment until now. I can use my professional camera and my eye-fi card. This is a professional grade app and I’m very impressed.”


“I was trying for hours to find an app for a surprise birthday party for one of my friend, and I finally have! It’s exactly what I needed and works perfectly. Thank you!”

Costs Less, Does More

Our competitors rely on the iPad’s camera to take the photo, or slow & complex setups that require internet connectivity & computers during your event. We think your wedding or party deserves better than mobile-quality photos, and we know often there’s spotty internet access at event locations!

Just because you’re into DIY and want to do this yourself doesn’t mean you deserve anything less than professional-quality photos — using only your iPad and camera. You don’t need to lug around a computer for an awesome photo booth!

Live Booth Simple Booth WiFi Booth
Connects directly to your Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Panasonic, Olympus camera with no internet access or other apps required
Downloads full-resolution photos from your cameras straight into the app - no computer required
Sync with your strobe flash for professionally lit photos, avoiding annoying always-on lighting
Free iPhone, iPod Touch, and Watch apps for guests to trigger the camera & get their photos instantly, with no sign-up required

No Other Photo Booth App even comes close to this!



Wifibooth integrates with Sony, Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Olympus & Panasonic cameras for professional photo quality. Photos are downloaded from your camera wirelessly, without fuss — no other apps required. Learn how to connect your camera here.

Trigger your Sony, Canon or Nikon camera from the app. Don’t have a remote trigger for your camera? Don’t worry, wifibooth has got your back!

Live View. See live video during the countdown until the photo is taken, so guests can see where they need to stand. Automatically activates when guests trigger the camera.

Beeps during countdown. Guests can hear when the camera is going to take a photo.

Eye-Fi integration – no other apps required. Learn how to connect your Eye-Fi card here.

No camera? No problem! Use the iPad camera (front or back)

Twitter integration – your guests’ #hashtagged photos are downloaded right onto the iPad so they can be included in printed collages! You can also configure wifibooth to tweet finished collages. Learn more here.

Dropbox & Facebook integration – collages or all photos can be automatically uploaded to Dropbox and Facebook, and the link sent to your guests as they enter their email addresses!

Offline support – no internet at your event? No problem! If your guests try to send an email or you configure Dropbox uploads, these will be queued until the next time the app has an internet connection. This works across restarts of the app, even if you accidentally delete the event!

Branding – choose from 3 placement options to add your logo to collages, customize the app’s title-bar, include your logo in emails, even add a white version of your logo that gets sent to guests in the iPhone app! Learn more here

Photos are saved directly to the Camera Roll for easy extensibility – use any other apps you like with them, set them to upload to your Dropbox or iCloud etc

Event Management – do you shoot a lot of events? That’s ok, wifibooth will help you keep everything organized!

iPhone & Watch apps for your guests! Guests can use their own iPhone, iPod Touch, or Watch to trigger the camera, download their own photos, and get access to the Dropbox integration. Now you have a great answer to “When can I get these photos?” — “Now! Get the app!”. Learn more here.

Automatic collage creation – just touch an image, then pinch & pan to make it perfect. Wifibooth supports custom paper sizes and printing resolutions, and collages are automatically made to fit your paper choice!

Print wirelessly on any AirPrint printer, any DNP printer connected with a DNP WPS product, or via FTP. Custom paper sizes & orientations are available, including support for strip-cut printers!

BluePrint allows you to stay connected to your camera’s wifi hotspot and print simultaneously, using Bluetooth

Multiple cameras at once! Connect multiple cameras at once for BIG photo booth setups

Multiple printers at once! Automatic round-robin printer support ensures you can have lots of cheap slow printers, so you spend less time refilling the paper and ink

Email collection: your guests can leave their email addresses, so you can follow-up with a link to the photos with marketing materials after the event. Wifibooth can immediately send your guests email with the Dropbox link, or with their photo attached! Learn more here

Support for multiple languages at once. Language support: English, German (DE), Italian (IT), French (FR), Spanish (ES), Swedish (SV), Chinese (ZH, Simplified and Traditional)

FTP server – upload photos directly into the app

Try before you buy: get it and try for free! If you like it and it works for you, buy an in-app purchase to remove watermarks and the nag-screen. Rental and purchase options available. There are no restrictions on functionality in the trial version (just the watermarks & nag-screen), so you can make sure everything works before you purchase.

Send SMS and MMS via Twilio: guests can enter their phone number into the app, and it will text them a link to the photo(s) they’ve selected. A Twilio account is required.

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Got a camera and an iPhone or iPad? You're good to go

Wifibooth works with cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, and Fuji, as well as with Eyefi cards and the camera of your iPad or iPhone. Want a complete list of exactly what cameras are supported? The list is here.

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