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What is BluePrint?

Using Wifibooth? Learn how to connect Wifibooth and BluePrint

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App Features

Stay connected to your camera all the time! With BluePrint now there’s no need to disconnect to print. Use BluePrint to print over Bluetooth, while your wifi stays connected to your camera.

Share your printers easily. Supports any AirPrint-compatible printer, or any DNP printer shared by a DNP WPS product

Works on wifi as well as Bluetooth, for maximum speed!

Use the Activity extension that comes with BluePrint to print over Bluetooth from any iOS app!

A preview of the last print is shown

Fully integrated with Wifibooth.

On the sharing side you can see statistics for successful and failed prints. On the printing side, you get feedback if the print was successful or not (ie. out of paper)

So free it hurts!

Runs on iPad, iPhone, iPod, or anywhere you can install iOS 9. Bluetooth recommended (but not required)

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