Wifibooth In-App Purchase Plans

Trial-mode watermarks are permanent!

Before you make a purchase, Wifibooth adds watermarks to the photos. There is absolutely no way to remove these watermarks from the photos: you must purchase the app before your event. If you are seeing watermarks, do not take photos at your event! After you make a purchase, simply check that you can now take photos without watermarks being added.

Help, I am having trouble purchasing the plan I want!

Please go here.

Do you have a free plan?

Wifibooth doesn’t have a free plan, but our newer app Booth.Events for iPad & iPhone does have a free plan.

What plans are available?

There are three plans available. Selfie and Selfie+ are one-time purchases, Pro is a subscription.

Selfie Selfie+ Pro
Take photos, GIFs, boomerangs, & videos
Direct Printing
Brand & customize the app and photos
Cloud Storage
Social integration
Share to your guests

What’s in each plan?

Selfie Selfie+ Pro
Take photos with iPad or iPhone camera, no watermarks
Use SceneSelect for green-screen effects without a special background
Connect to a remote iPhone camera using SoloLink, no watermarks
Connect to your Camera's built-in wifi, no watermarks. See list of supported cameras
Animated MP4s / GIFs are made automatically for your guests
Adjust Camera settings like photo mirroring, and Collage settings like background color or photo
All photos saved to Camera Roll
Play slideshows on Smart TVs, Apple TV, or the Soloslides App - learn more
Remote-control your iPad with iPhones, iPods, and Apple Watch to trigger your camera directly
Event Management: multiple events with different settings, photo albums, etc
Direct Printing via AirPrint, BluePrint, FTP, and to supported DNP WPS products
FTP Server: upload photos directly into the app
Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Photos: auto-upload collages, MP4s/GIFs, or all photos
Send photos via text (SMS or MMS) with Twilio
Branding: add your logo to photos, to your guests' iPhone/iPod app, to emails, to the homescreen of the app
Create beautiful wordmarks without leaving the app
Email: collect email addresses, live-send email to your guests with either a Dropbox link, or the photo directly attached
Offline support: emails, texts, Facebook, Google, and Dropbox uploads will queue while your iPad is offline, automatically send once online
Available as a... One-time purchase One-time purchase Monthly or yearly subscription
PRICE - click the link to App Store listing, scroll down to Information section to see the price in your currency App Store App Store App Store

The Small Events plan was renamed to Selfie+.

The SoloLink iOS app is free: it can use your iPhone as a remote camera or share internet to Wifibooth via Bluetooth.

The SoloSlides iOS app is free, with an affordable one-time in-app purchase if you require its pro features. It displays a slideshow from Wifibooth on a second iOS device.

Please note that there may be differences between the iPad and iPhone versions of the app. Make sure you try out the features you want to use, before making a purchase.

Please don’t make a purchase until you know the app works for you.

Before you purchase the app there are no limitations beyond watermarks, the nag screen, and photo downsizing. So if the app is not connecting to your camera, or some other functionality is not how you expect, then please post on the community forums to get answers to your questions before purchasing.

Where can I see the prices of these plans?

Open the App Store listing and look in the “Information” section for the list of available In App Purchases and their prices in your currency.

What’s a subscription? Why would I want that?

The PRO plan is sold as an auto-renewing monthly or yearly subscription through Apple. Apple will automatically attempt to renew the plan 24 hours before the end of the period (so, one day less than a year after you buy it). You can cancel your subscription at any time – see the unsubscribe info at the bottom of this page.

I bought this on my iPhone, how can I get it on my iPad without paying again?

You can restore your purchase on any devices that are signed in with the same Apple ID (see Settings App -> iTunes & App Store). See the next answer for how to restore your purchase.

I had to wipe my iPad, and now my purchase is gone!

Hit the Restore Purchase button. This is located on the plans screen, which you can get to by opening Event Settings -> General page, and hitting the “Show Plans” button.

The app will check to see if you bought any plans, by connecting to Apple and examining your in-app purchases. You may be prompted to sign-in with your Apple ID. Make sure you use the same Apple ID that you used to purchase the plan! If you purchased a plan and it doesn’t restore properly, check the Apple ID you are signed in with: go to the Settings App -> iTunes & App Store and check the signed-in Apple ID there.


I am unable to purchase Pro or another plan, there’s an error!

If you experience an error trying to make a purchase then please try these steps before you contact us:

  1. Open Settings App, go to iTunes & App store, touch the Apple ID at the top and choose Sign Out
  2. Power the device right down – hold down power button and swipe to power off. If you have a newer device like the iPad Pro with Face ID then you need to hold down both the power and the volume up buttons at the same time.
  3. Power back on, go back to the Settings App, iTunes & App store and sign in again. Look for any errors or warnings from Apple when you sign in: you might need to update your credit-card information or re-enter your credit-card’s CVV code, or you might need to accept an updated agreement from Apple to be able to make purchases.

Now you’re ready to try purchasing Wifibooth again.
If you continue to see the error, please follow the instructions on
this Apple webpage. If you do end up needing to contact Apple Support, don’t fear – they’re very good at helping you give them your money! If all else fails, please get in contact with us on the Community and we’ll help you.


How do I unsubscribe from Wifibooth Pro?

Please follow this link to Apple to manage your subscriptions (including Wifibooth Pro).

You can also do this in Wifibooth: on the Wifibooth purchase screen (Event Settings -> General -> Show plans), if you have purchased Pro then at the bottom you’ll see the button “Manage Subscriptions”. When you touch that, you’ll be directed to exactly the right spot in Apple-land where you can cancel or change your subscription.

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