WiFi Booth In-App Purchase Packages

What’s included in each package?

Selfie Package Small Events Package PRO Events Package
Connect to your Camera's Built-in WiFi, no watermarks
Connect to Eye-Fi (supported models) SD card, no watermarks iPad only iPad only iPad only
Take photos with iPad camera, no watermarks
Adjust Camera settings like photo mirroring, and Collage settings like background color or photo
All photos saved to Camera Roll
Remote-control your iPad with iPhones, iPods, and Apple Watch to trigger your camera directly
Event Management: multiple events with different settings, photo albums, etc
Direct Printing via AirPrint, BluePrint, FTP, and to supported DNP products
Dropbox integration: auto-upload collages or all photos
Automatically download photos from Twitter via #yourEvent
Tweet collages to #yourEvent
Branding: add your logo to collages, to your guests' iPhone/iPod app, to emails; change iPad's main screen title to your event name
Email: collect email addresses, live-send email to your guests with either a Dropbox link, or the collage directly attached
FTP Server: upload photos directly into the app
Offline support: emails and Dropbox uploads will queue while your iPad is offline, automatically send once online
ALL upcoming features (anything developed in the future)
Available as a... One-time purchase One-time purchase Yearly Subscription

This table applies to the iPad version of the app. The iPhone version of the app can only purchase the Selfie package and has fewer features than the iPad version.

Please don’t make a purchase until you know the app works for you.

Before you purchase the app there are no limitations beyond watermarks, the nag screen, and photo downsizing. So if the app is not connecting to your camera, or some other functionality is not how you expect, then please post on the community forums to get answers to your questions before purchasing.

Wait, all the packages changed in 3.2.0, and I’ve already purchased something! Is my purchase still valid?

Yes, of course! Any purchases you’ve made will be honored as long as the app exists, just like you’d expect. If you purchased something and you feel that it behaves differently in a newer version of the app, then please get in touch with us by posting on the community forums.

What’s a Yearly Subscription? Why would I want that?

The PRO Events Package is sold as an auto-renewing yearly subscription through Apple. Apple will automatically attempt to renew the package 24 hours before the end of the period (so, one day less than a year after you buy it). You can cancel your subscription at any time – simply use the Manage Subscriptions link on the settings page of WiFi Booth, or use iTunes to cancel your subscription.

Subscriptions allow independent developers like me to earn a wage that translates into us having enough time to keep improving this app. This app is built by Tim, not a company. Tim has 2 kids and mouths to feed, and this app is not small enough to be just a hobby! Thank you so much for your support, it literally means the world to me.

Help, I purchased something but it doesn’t work like I expect!

Please use the community forums to get in touch and we’ll help you.

I had to wipe my iPad, and now my purchase is gone!

Hit the Restore Purchase button on the app settings page.

First the app will check to see if you bought any packages, by connecting to Apple and examining your in-app purchases. You may be prompted to sign-in with your Apple ID. Make sure you use the same Apple ID that you used to purchase the package! If you purchased a package and it doesn’t restore properly, check the Apple ID you are signed in with: go to the Settings App -> iTunes & App Store and check the signed-in Apple ID there.

Next, the app will check to see if you rented any packages (applies only to older packages purchased before version 3.2.0). To do this, it will ask you to sign in with Facebook. Make sure you use the same Facebook ID that you used when you rented the package! If it doesn’t work and you remember that you did use a Facebook ID, then open Safari, go to, manually sign out, go back to WiFi Booth, and try your restore again. Unfortunately if you did not sign into Facebook when prompted directly after renting a package, then there is no way to restore your rental. If you get stuck please use the Community link above to post in the forums.