Issues with Canon Cameras not firing Flash

This article is applicable to WiFi Booth versions 3.0.0 and newer

Do you have a flash (or remote trigger) connected to the hotshoe of your Canon camera, and all of a sudden it isn’t firing? That’s due to a peculiarity in the way Canon has built their Live View. You have 2 options with WiFi Booth, depending on which Canon camera you have.

Canon Cameras: REBEL series

If you have a REBEL series Canon camera including the 750D and 760D (aka T6i, T6s), and you need to shoot with a flash, then you must disable Live View in WiFi Booth settings. To do this: (version 3.1.0 and newer) Live-view can be disabled in the Event details screen; (version 3.0.0 and older) on your iPad open the Settings App, scroll down to WiFi Booth, and in the right-hand pane find the “Disable Liveview” switch and toggle it to disable Live View.

Canon Cameras: mid-to-high end

If you have a Canon 60D, 7D, or other mid/high-end Canon, then you can use Canon Live View with WiFi Booth and flash as well — all you have to do is disable a setting on your camera called “Silent LV shoot.”. Here’s a photo of the setting you need to change. If you cannot find it, please consult your Canon manual to learn how to disable silent live-view shooting (there is mode1, mode2, and disable; you want “disable”).