Wifibooth + DNP printers with DNP WPS

Do you own a DNP WPS product like the WPS-1 or the WPS PRO, with a supported DNP printer connected to it like the DS40, DS80, RX1, or DNP DS620 (or any other printer the WPS unit supports)? Then you can configure Wifibooth to print to your DNP printer! The reason the WPS unit is required is because DNP printers do not have wifi, they only have a USB cable connection.

Configuring the DNP WPS is out of the scope of this article, but the good news is that it should work with just the default settings of the DNP WPS. To configure Wifibooth to print to DNP WPS, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the DNP WPS is powered on, ready, with a supported printer connected & powered on, and your network connection(s) are connected so that the iPad can communicate to the DNP WPS
  2. Open Wifibooth and go to the settings screen (cog icon at top-right of main screen), and touch the Printers button. If you get a popup warning that FTP printing is on, turn this off in the Settings App before continuing
  3. Wifibooth will attempt to automatically locate your DNP WPS on the network. If it cannot, you will be prompted to enter the IP address of the WPS unit. You can enter an IP address or a hostname (if you configured your WPS unit to have a hostname). Note that if Wifibooth reports that your WPS unit doesn’t have any printers connected or is not ready, but the printer appears to be connected, then this means that you need to reboot your WPS unit.
  4. A list of print queues provided by the WPS unit will popup. Select the queue that corresponds to the print configuration you want.
  5. The paper size in the event settings screen will have been automatically changed to match the required size of the print queue you selected. However, if you chose a strip-cut queue (such as 2x2x6), then you must now go to the event settings screen, and select “2 Strips” printing

… that’s it!

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