Issues printing on iOS 13

If you’ve updated to iOS 13 and you experience the problem that the first print works, but then the printer stops working – no subsequent prints are actually printed, even though Wifibooth shows the prints were successful, keep reading.

This could be an iOS 13 issue that you can work around by taking the following step:

Change the name of your printer so that it does not have any symbols in it

For example, the following are names that can cause issues on iOS 13:

  • 36″ Roll Printer
  • Tim’s Printer
  • Canon MFC/32F

The following characters are confirmed as ok on iOS 13.1.1: spaces, hyphens, and underscores. For example, the following are names that do not have issues on iOS 13:

  • 36 Roll Printer
  • Tims_Printer
  • Canon MFC-32F

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