Configure Wifibooth to be a social media booth

Wifibooth has lots of settings to control how photos, collages and GIFs are uploaded to social media. First, let’s discuss how the settings work.

Social Media Settings

Wifibooth supports automatic uploads of both collages and individual photos to Dropbox, Google Drive, and Google Photos.  Automatic here means that the user does not have to choose that this happens. Here’s when the uploads occur:

  • Collages – uploaded when an action is taken upon a collage (from the collage screen). An action is any user-selected action on the collage, such as email, SMS/text, print, etc. Collages are also uploaded if there are no actions are available (for example, because none have been configured) and the user hits the Done button. Finally, if AutoPilot is enabled, then collages are uploaded.
  • Individual photos (aka All photos), includes GIFs – these are uploaded when the photo is received. In other words, when the photo is visible in Wifibooth, then it is already uploaded (or queued for uploading)

How to Configure Wifibooth as a Social Media Booth

If you don’t want to print — you just want single photos uploaded — then use this combination of settings:

  1. If you are not printing, then in the Printer popover make sure the top switch is turned off
  2. In Event Settings, go to the page(s) of the social media settings that you want to enable. First, make sure you are signed in. Then, make sure upload collages is turned on. No need to turn on uploading for All photos, leave that off for now!
  3. In Event Settings, go to the Taking Photos page. Change the number of photos to take to 1. Also, turn on AutoPilot to Full, and in the popup, select Yes to avoid user interaction.

Now when you take photo(s), the collage will just be a single photo, and will be automatically uploaded.

If you want to have collages of more than 1 photo, then change the number of photos to take accordingly, and also turn on uploading of All photos for the social media service(s) you’re using. This will also mean that GIFs get uploaded.

As always, think hard about whether it is safe to upload photos automatically to social media: this makes the photos public immediately. The last thing you want is a drunk guest’s very inappropriate photo published publicly! If you think this is a risk, then only enable uploading of collages, and turn off AutoPilot. This means that only collages that your guests create will be uploaded.

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