Configure Wifibooth to email your guests

This article will help you understand how to configure Wifibooth to send email to your guests, and the choices for email content. Wifibooth is designed to help you get your guests’ photos on your guests’ devices as quickly as possible!

Choices, Choices…

You choose the behaviour for email in the email page of the event settings, shown here:

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 8.52.39 PM

Here’s an explanation of what these mean:

  • Off – guests cannot enter their email addresses
  • Only Savedefault. Guests enter their email addresses, but no email is sent. The app collects the email addresses, and after the event is over you manually send email yourself to these addresses. To retrieve the email addresses, touch the folder icon at the top-right (see above screenshot), then “Get Email Addresses“. If you want to clear the email addresses of an event, touch the folder icon and then “Clear Email Addresses“.
  • Dropbox Linkinternet access required per version 3.3.0, offline email and Dropbox is supported. Please see the note below. As soon as a guest enters their email address, Wifibooth will upload the chosen collage to Dropbox, and email the guest with a link to the collage, and to the album where the collage is stored. This option requires a Dropbox account; you will be prompted to log into Dropbox when you hit “Done“. Email addresses are also stored as they are with Only Save (see above)
  • As Attachmentinternet access required per version 3.3.0, offline email and Dropbox is supported. Please see the note below. As soon as a guest enters their email address, Wifibooth will send an email to the guest with the chosen photo attached. Email addresses are also stored as they are with Only Save (see above)

Configuring Email

Wifibooth connects to your email account to send email as you, so that the guests receive email from you (the event organizer). In other words, it needs the username and password to your email account. You can use any email account, ie. you can set up for this purpose. Or you could create a new GMail account just for your Wifibooth events.

To configure email, follow these steps:

  1. On the Email page of the event settings, configure your email settings:
    • EMail SMTP server: The SMTP server is the server that Wifibooth will connect to, to send email. The default is correct for Google & GMail accounts –
    • EMail SMTP port: The port to connect to the SMTP server on. This is tied with the connection type setting – if you change the connection type setting, then you probably need to change this too. The default of 465 should be correct for most email accounts (including GMail accounts), because it is the default port for TLS/SSL connections.
    • EMail SMTP username: Enter your username — for example if your email address is, then your username is only myname. If you’re not sure, contact your email service provider.
    • EMail SMTP password: If you are using a GMail or Google-hosted email account, you can leave this blank; you’ll be prompted to authenticate with Google later. If you are NOT using a GMail or Google-hosted email account, please enter your SMTP password (the password you use to send email). If you’re not sure, please contact your email service provider.
  2. If you want to customize the logo that is shown in the email sent to guests, then upload your logo to your webserver, and enter the web-address (e.g. http://link/to/myimage.jpg) to the logo in the field “Custom Logo Image URL”. You can leave this field blank.
  3. At the top of the page, reselect the desired email option (Dropbox Link or As Attachment), and touch the button “Test Email“.
  4. You’ll be asked if your email account is hosted on Google (ie. GMail, or other Google-hosted email account setups). If it is, say Yes, and authenticate with Google when asked. By doing so you are giving Wifibooth access to your Google email account, so that it can send email. Wifibooth does not read your email, it only sends.
  5. In the Wifibooth app, you’ll be prompted to enter an email address for testing; enter one where you can receive email. It’s ok to use the same one you are sending from. If your settings are correct, you’ll briefly see a checkmark, and then receive a test email at the given address. If not, you’ll get a pop-up.

Need to reauthenticate with Google?

If you logged in with a Google account there’s no obvious “sign-out” button, but there are two things you can do to sign-out:

  • To stop Wifibooth from using your Google email account, log in to Google, go to My Account, Connected Apps & Sites, Manage Apps, and remove Wifibooth.

Offline Support

If you don’t have internet connectivity at your event, don’t sweat it! Wifibooth’s got you covered. Uploading photos to Dropbox (collages and individual photos), sending Dropbox-link emails, and sending emails with photos attached now functions while your iPad is offline (version 3.3 or newer required). You can also create new Dropbox-enabled events while offline. Here are the important considerations:

  • The first time you ever enable Dropbox for any event, you must sign into Dropbox and this requires an internet connection. You only need to do this once.
  • The first time you set up a GMail or Google-hosted email account, you must have internet access. You only need to do this once.
  • If you don’t have much space free on your iPad, you can get into trouble. As guests save collages, photos, or send emails, these are being saved to disk (including the photos themselves) inside the Wifibooth app. Wifibooth shows you how much space is free when the app is first started, in the bottom-right corner.
  • To get the offline stuff to send, all you have to do is make sure your iPad has an internet connection, open Wifibooth (it does not matter whether the app was already running or not), and make sure you’re on the main screen (ie. some event is selected — it does not matter which). Wifibooth will automatically detect internet connectivity, and start sending all stored offline content from all events. Don’t close Wifibooth until it is done: you can check the progress on the start screen where you choose the event. Or, in the top-right corner touch the wifi icon for more details.