Branding: how to brand your event

Want to get your name, logo, and brand visible to your guests using your photobooth? Wifibooth has got you covered. Wifibooth supports logos in PNG and JPG formatted. PNG is recommended.

Branding your Event

Logo in Collages

By creating a logo that is added to collages, guests will see your logo on the iPad, in prints, in photos saved to Dropbox, tweets, and so on.

First, prepare your logo: it should be a PNG, transparent if you are not printing with a white background, cropped to its actual dimensions, and with a resolution that you are using to print with (ie. 4×6″ at 300dpi is 4*300 = 1200 pixels by 6*300 = 1800 pixels, so as close to 1200×1800 pixels as the logo’s aspect ratio allows. Don’t make it too big or your iPad will have to work really hard every time someone touches the screen to change a collage.

Next, get the logo on your iPad, and save it to your Camera Roll. You can do this by emailing the logo to yourself on the iPad, or by using AirDrop, or Dropbox etc.

Finally, configure Wifibooth to use your logo: in the Event Details pane, scroll down to Add Logo to Collages touch the placeholder image, and select your logo. Now you need to configure the other options available to you:

  • In Collage – logo will be added as if it were one of the selected photos:
  • Top / Bottom – logo will be added in an area above or below the collage. The size of this area is configurable by the slider marked Logo size.
  • As Overlay / Watermark – see section below titled “Overlay (Watermark) on Collages”

Please note that while Landscape paper orientation is selected, the only available logo option is In Collage. If you cannot select other logo options, then change the paper orientation first.

Overlay (Watermark) on Collages

You can also choose to show an image drawn on top of the collage, ie. like a watermark. To do this, in the Event Details screen, touch the placeholder image under Overlay on Collages. You’ll first be prompted to pick the image you want to show (from the iPad Camera Roll). Next, you need to configure its position:

  • Maximized – if you want to show the image as big as it can be (ie. the full dimensions of the collage), then near the top-right, hit the Maximized button. You’ll then need to choose if you want the image to be stretched (ie. an image of a “frame”), or keep its aspect ration (ie. a logo).
  • In position – you can pinch to zoom and drag to move the image to where you want it to be drawn on the collage. Note that the relative position of the image to the 4 corners, and midpoints of the sides is used to calculate how the image should be drawn as an overlay: for example, if the image is closest to the bottom-left corner, then the relative percent of the image’s distance from the bottom-left corner is used.


If you configure Wifibooth to send emails to your guests, then you can add a custom logo to these emails. To do this, you first need to upload your logo to your webhost, and get the link to it (ie. Put this link in the Event Settings -> Email -> “Custom logo image URL” field. You can send a test email from the Email event settings page to check if it is working.

For help configuring email, please see the separate article Configure Wifibooth to email your guests.

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