How to Connect your Sony using Built-in Wi-Fi

This article will help you use your Sony camera’s built-in “Smart Remote” app to connect with Wifibooth.

Update Smart Remote app

To connect to your Sony camera, your Sony camera must be running the built-in Sony app called “Smart Remote”. This app does not get updated when you update your camera’s firmware, and brand-new Sony cameras ship with out-of-date apps (so yes, you DO need to update Smart Remote). Updating the Smart Remote app is out of the scope of this article but here are some hints: some Sony cameras, like the a6300, can update the Sony Smart Remote app directly on the camera itself. Others like the A7 II require a computer to be connected. To use Wifibooth with your Sony camera, please first make sure you update Smart Remote. Consult your manual for further details, or use one of these links to learn more: Brian Smith’s Installing and Updating Sony Apps, and Colby Brown’s Installing and Updating Apps on your Sony Camera.


  1. On your camera, start the Smart Remote app. You already updated it, right?
  2. Connect your iPad’s wifi to your camera, using the instructions on the screen. On most Sony cameras the wifi password is not shown by default. You can show it by pressing the Trash button (while on the wifi start screen of the Smart Remote app)
  3. Start Wifibooth on the iPad, and choose Built-In Wifi
  4. After a few moments, you’ll see Wifibooth connect to your Sony camera
  5. On the camera, hit the Menu button, and double-check that the camera is configured to only shoot JPG photos (no RAW). Also make sure you are not sending gigantic 30MP files over, as that would make your iPad work very hard to downsize the photos. Choose a resolution as close to 1800 x 1200 pixels as possible (assuming you are printing 4×6 and you left this as the default print resolution chosen in the Settings app -> Wifibooth)
  6. Start taking photos on your Sony camera, and the photos automatically appear in the app! You can also trigger the camera with the red shutter button

If you want to print while the wifi of your iPad is connected to your Sony camera, then you need a second iOS device to share the printer using the free app SoloLink (formerly called BluePrint). You can read how to configure Wifibooth to work with SoloLink here.

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